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Legend of Zelda:Stones of Destiny (Past)

by ShadowKnil

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Series

Published on / 58 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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Link's quest for his histroy now begins with the search for the Guardian Stones. They will lead him to his destiny.

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Chapter 47, A Blast From the Future

Ganon, breathing very hard, made his way to the Air Elemental Chamber. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared directly in front of him. Ganon, breathing very hard, made his way to the Air Elemental Chamber. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared directly in front of him. He saw stones arranged like they would when you would make walls. It made Ganon think of his own castle back in Hyrule. Then from behind one of the walls a giant dragon came fling out at Ganon. He landed but feet from him and started to snicker at the expression Ganon showed. It was fear, fear of being killed without putting up much of a fight. The dragon just stared at Ganon, and Ganon just stared back. Then the dragon broke the silence, "Hehehe, I am glad to finally meet the Dark King that I have heard so much of when I first came to this land. I am Dragar and I know why you have come to my chamber, you want my Spirit Key. I will give you choice warrior, and choose wisely or else you might end up dead. You can either answer my riddle of my story, or you can end up defeated on the ground as a smoldering piece of ash. It's your choice." Ganon thought carefully, he knew that he had lost too much life as it was and at his current condition he wouldn't be able to even make it fight against the dragon. "I choose to hear your story and answer your riddle." Ganon finally said. "Wise choice Dark King. Long ago in my time, my ancestors ruled over a land of great power. They kept order and peace was everywhere. Until one day when a dark shaman came to the land. He wanted to rule over it. My ancestors fought hard against the shaman, but their power was to weak for him. He subdued them and made them his personal bodyguards. Now choose which one of these following events should they do: Should they revolt against the shaman and die, stay his personal bodyguards, or leave the land being exiled forever?" Dragar stated. Ganon thought again about his choices and then broke his own silence, "They should revolt against the shaman because even if they die they would show other subdued minions that they could revolt adn teh shaman would be overthrown in the future." "Very nice indeed. And thou are right again. That is what they did.", Dragar said as Ganon finished his explanation. As he did a swirling purple vortex appeared next to the dragon. "Take this key part and my orb. The chamber for the orb is through this portal. Please give the five key parts to my master's brother and tell him that this will open the Ancient's Tomb in the Forest. Also tell my master that I am finally going to rest along with the other Elemental Dragons." Dragar said as he started to disappear in a mist. A key part fell from the mist as Dragar's body fully disappeared. Ganon gathered the key part and assembled all five together to make the Ancient's Key. He also gathered the final Spirit Key and started back to the Antechamber. Just as Ganon was doing this Link was finding out what happens when you leave your guard down for one second.
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