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Legend of Zelda:Stones of Destiny (Past)

by ShadowKnil

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Series

Published on / 58 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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Link's quest for his histroy now begins with the search for the Guardian Stones. They will lead him to his destiny.

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Chapter 50, Agahnim's Shadows

Link, out of breath from running through the maze following the lights, neared the doorway to Agahnim's chamber. He stopped at the room that Agahnim had remarked about before Link had started his crazy adventure into the labyrinth. The item that caught his attention was a bow in one of the corners of the room. He picked it up and found it's quiver which was under the bow. Link also found some arrows and placed them in the quiver. He taught himself how to use a bow again. While Link was doing that, Agahnim had congratulated the minion who had led Link to his lair. That minion was Phantom Ganon who now had caused the alliance between Link and Ganon to be broken. Agahnim dispatched the phantom and started to plan his own attack against Link. Then just like the many times before, he started to see the shadows again. They moved with swiftness that no mortal possesses. Agahnim couldn't help but run because the so many times before when this has happened, they would attack. They've been haunting the vestiges of his mind since he had come to the Sacred Realm. Agahnim ran out of his throne room into a hallway. But no matter what he did, they still followed closely behind him. Then he was cut off by Link. Link, now finished with training, took the bow in hand and shot a set of three arrows at Agahnim. A fierce houl came from his mouth as the three arrows hit his forehead. He stopped, looked at Link, let out a gasp, then collapsed. His blood was as black as his own heart. It pooled unlike any other blood, in many different pools that wouldn't connect to each other. Then Link saw the shadow's that followed Agahnim to his demise. Link was ready for them, as he found his spell book on the body of Agahnim. He cast a firebolt spell and lit the shadows on fire. Then he took out his bow and shot a barrage of arrows into each one of them. As they all fell, hundreds of rupees fell as well. Link gathered them and looked through Agahnim's remains for the Orb of Light and noticed that it really was the Crystal of Barrier, but the enchantment dissapated when Link killed Agahnim. Link, glad to finally be rid of the sorcerer, went back through the maze and exited it. He noticed that the three plaques outside of the labyrinth were gone and all that remained were iron plates. Link now had a score to settle with Ganon because he was the one who took the Shadow Keys away from Link and tried to kill him.
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