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by joonbong

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On January 23rd, something strange happens to a hobo high schooler. He is now involved with two dramatically different worlds.

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Chapter 1, Introduction: January 23rd

"January 23rd". That date relentlessly echoed in his mind. . .

Because Ahjummae quit any club or activity he joined, he did not understand what could be happening on that day and why he frequently thought about it. Possibly he had something important happen the previous year, or he wanted something to happen that day. He felt it served an important purpose, such as a birthday or concert, yet when he asked several people, they replied with a shrug or a rant on how January 23rd was their only free day in a busy week.

"What is special about January 23rd?!" he asked himself, frustrated with his failure to recall why such a day would be significant. He covered his face in anger and then sighed, letting his hands fall back to his side as he leaned back in his chair. He wanted to give up his futile effort of searching for the purpose of January 23rd, but it proved impossible because the thoughts bothered him even more when he stopped trying. "I can't stand it... It bothers me. It really pisses me off!"

As Ahjummae laid his head on the classroom desk, he closed his eyes and listened to the footsteps that entered the same classroom. "What's happening on January 23rd?" he heard someone ask. Immediately, Ahjummae raised his head to see whoever was thinking the same thing as he was.

"What are you talking about?" the second person asked. "January 23rd is the only day when there's not school event at all this week."

"Is that so?" the asker commented. "I really felt as if January 23rd was important. I guess I was wrong." The asker carelessly tossed his head back and sighed in disappointment. Ahjummae could not tell what he was thinking. But then the asker's glance shifted towards Ahjummae's direction, and they locked eyes.

Ahjummae gave him a mischievous smirk to reinforce the idea that no one should make contact with him. It was rumored that Ahjummae had great connections, and if someone became his enemy that would be the end of their normal life. He felt used to this rumor, even encouraging it to thrive and expand. He was somewhat feared and he liked it that way. But for some reason, as the blond asker's gaze met his, he felt some sort of rivalry and challenge fizz for the first time in his high school life.

Ahjummae's stare intensified as his smirk disappeared. He saw intensity in the blond boy's eyes, a fierceness which matched the one belonging to the valedictorian of the school. Possibly they could become rivals or enemies.

Suddenly, the boy broke his gaze without even changing his expression. He did not seem fazed by the fact that he accidentally met eyes with Ahjummae.

January 23rd. . . Ahjummae thought. Why does this guy think of the same day?


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