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Briar and the Rose- incomplete

by versora

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This is an RP story. Wondering why it's incomplete? My rp buddy decided to fink out on me before we could finish the story, so no good bits. Sorry. WARNING: CONTAINS AN OC! To borrow someone's bad mouth; "If you don't fucking like OC's then don't fucking read the story." I am sorry, people. But I didn't go to all the trouble to research this series just to be smacked down and be called a Mary sue. If I wanted to put myself in the story, you would see MY freaking name in it. P.S. : If anyone is interested in helping me finish the story please drop me a note. *takes deep breath and then smiles* Now, those of you that do enjoy creativity, please enjoy. ^_^

The day was over cast and was threating rain, dark clouds hung in
the sky, perfect weather for some creatures. Versora sat in her
favorite chaise reading as usual, greatful for the peace and quiet,
she pushes her round framed reading glasses back up on her nose and
turned the page of her book. Integra is in her office study going
over the lates reports, her usual cigar wedged between her teeth, its
smoke coils upward and surrounds her head like a halo, though she was
by no means a saint or angel.

A harsh gleam of light obscured one of the lenses of a pair or
glasses as a giant of a man comes walking toards the front gates of
the hellsing mannor his black priest's garb a dead give away to his
identity. In his left arm he cradled a bible and draped over his
shoulders is a hand croched scarf with crosses at the end, his hair
is the color of cornsilk and his green eyes put emeralds to shame,
around his neck is a rosario. A guard stops him at the gate. "I'm
sorry, sir, but no visitors are allowed unless by invitation. And
even that is rare." "Ah assure ye, Ah mean nea harm tae th' master o'
this estate. Ah must see the master." the tall figure said, his voice
deep, his Scottish brogue gives a clue to his origins. "I'm sorry
sir, but no outsiders are allowed." the guard replied. It was hard to
keep his composure, his old habbits starting to kick in.

Versora sensed a familiar presence, her mind usualy played tricks on
her when she least expected it. She puts her book down and gets up an
goes the the front door, when she opens the door she gasps and nearly
fainted, she saw Father Anderson, but that couldn't be right, he was
dead, or at least to her knowledge, she steps up to the gate, and the
look on her face was one of utter disbelief, she then runs back into
the house, up the stairs and into her sister's office, she nearly
bumps into Walter. "Integra! Ye are ne'er gonna believe who is at th'
gate!" Integra sighs and looks up from her work. "What pray tell are
you talking about?" Integra said. "Tis Father Anderson! He's alive!
I'm no' jokin'!" Versora exclaimed. The Iron maiden blows another
puff of smoke out of her mouth and takkes the cigar from her mouth
and stands up. "This had better not be. Send him in, this I have to
see for myself." Integra said. Versora nodded and headed for the
front door.
Versora steps outside and up to the gate. "Tis alright, he can
come in, me sister wishes ta see him. The gaurd jumps as if he had
just noticed her. "Yes, Miss, right way." the guard reaches behind
him and pushes a button and the gate opens. "Follow me, please."
Versora said. Anderson nods and steps through the gate. Vesora leads
him inside the house. A maid come up and takes the priest's soaking
wet coat, he nods and turns to Versora of whom lead him to the
office. As soon as Andersn stepped through the door it was Integra's
turn to be shocked, her jaw drops and her cigar fell out. "Anderson?
How can this be? How can you still be alive? I thought you were--"
Integra was interrupted by Anderson, "Dead?" "I must be dreaming..."
Integra muttered. "Nay, ye are no' dear sister, he is indeed real."

It wasn't long before Anderson felt a very familiar presence, his
adreniline sky rocketed, his free hand twitched slightly, but yet he
didn't know who it was.
If it had been anywhere but the Hellsing Manor, Alucard would have
whipped out the Cassul and Jackel in less then a heartbeat, but being
directly in front of his Master when Anderson entered the
room...arming himself with no direct threat from the priest didn't
seem like a plausable course of action at the time.
However, still, old habits died hard and the Vampire found it hard to
calm his racing heart that had become excited at the current
proximity of his old adversary and when he turned to slowly face the
girl and Anderson, that old familiar gleam in his bloody-red eyes was
all too apparent; that look that said, "One wrong move and you're
MINE, Judas Priest!" all without a single word uttered from his lips.
Anderson let that psychotic smile of his spread across his face when
he seaw Alucard, he recognised that look, unfortunately so did
Versora and resisted theu urge to hide. Anderson made no threatening
moves, he wasn't here to start a fight.

Inegra fianally gathers her wits and sat back down in the chair
behind her desk "What is your purpose here, Father Anderson?"
Integra asked. "Ah just want some answers." Anderson stated. Integra
raised an eyebrow, she could sense the tension between the vampire
and now ex-priest. "I'll do my best." Integra stated.

Anderson's smile faded and his expression went back to normal. "Ye
may think this funny. Ah know whit me name is but tha' is all I
remeber." Integra looked at Anderson as if he grew demon horns and a tail, and
Versora just looked confused.

The vibe from the x-priest suggested that he was indeed being honest
when he explained to the room that, although he knew his name, he
seemed to suffer from amnesia...and the blatant blank the vampire
detected from the man was enough to make him initially believe
so...if he'd been a half-witted Human, that was.

That psychotic and so-familiar sneer that'd flashed across the
Father's scarred face and the fact that he'd managed to make it to
this place; the hive of his sworn enemies of the past, was more then
enough to convince Alucard that there was more to this then met the
eye and he wasn't so inclined to immediatelly believe Anderson's

The holy man had alot of explaining to do before Alucard would remove
his hand from the Jackle's holster.

Inegra smirks a bit, "You are right I do find it funny, but how do
I know that you are not lying?" Integra said. Anderson sighed for the
first time that day. "Ah don' care if ye don' believe me, miss. All
Ah know is Ah wake up an' don' remeber a thing, no' even a memory ta
go by, I even forgot th' ones Ah knew. An' Ah'm no' here ta kill
annaone either or otherwise Ah'd porbably be dead."

Versora had to stiffle her comment, this was all so confusing right
now, and trying to figure things out only made it worse. Integra
nodded in agreement to Andeson's last sentance. "Yes, you would be,
or you would have a big gaping hole in your head."

So start talking." Alucard added after his Master had confirmed that
if Anderson had merely been trying to decieve his way into the Manor
he'd have already been welcomed by the smoking barrels of the Cassul
and Jackle, and as if to emphasize Integra's words the sound of the
vampire's guns being cocked came from his jacket where his hands
disappeared into the crimson cloth.

Versora jumped at that familar sound and resisted the urge to hide
behind something. Anderson sighed again. "Whit's there tae talk
about? Ah certainly did no' come here ta chat about th' weather. Can
ye at least tell me who Ah once was?" Intera smirked again, then her
expression became serious once more before she spoke. "Well you once
were affiliated with the Section XIII Iscariot division of the
Vatican in Rome,which is no more, and you were a Catholic Priest,
bent on eradicating all vampires and me and my orginastion. Does any
one else wish to add to what I said?" Versora remains quiet, she
doesn't want to raise an argument.

"I will." Alucard volunteered when Integra asked if anyone else
wanted to add anything, hiw eyes narrowing as he regarded the ex-
priest coldly. "If you're as lost as you claim to be, how did you make it here
tonight? It's no cooinsidense you found your way here."

"Ah don' know, Ah honestly don'. An' tis clear Ah'm no' exactly
welcome here. Ah have no where else ta go, an' Ah'm confused as hell.
An' ye accusin' me o' ill purposes is no' helpin' any." Anderson said.

Versora made a possible connection and finally spoke up. "I hate ta
dig up ol' memories, but didn't ye kill Anderson, Alucard?"
Versora looks at the vampire strangely, she had suspected that such
a thing as ressurrection was possible, after all she had watched
Alucard come back, and it kinda creeped her out, but what she wanted
to know also is why he was brought back. She then looks at her
sister. "But what are we going to do with him, sister?" without
looking at the vampire she almost knew what he might say.

Alexander looks at Alucard. "If yeh sey so."







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