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Brother's Keeper

by InuYashaReader

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InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

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Chapter 10, Scroll 10

Brother's Keeper

InuYasha shook his head and scratched his ear. Fleas had already started to come and they were driving him absolutely insane. It had been four days since his unexpected meet with water in the Bone Eater's well, and he had stayed well in the perimeter of the human village.


The humans seemed almost flabbergasted by his behavior and he didn't know why. He always expected them to chase him out just like any other village, but when he stole food whenever he could, they always glanced at him like he had lost his mind. They almost had respected him in a sort of way, and now they didn't know what to make of him. InuYasha figured it must have to do with being the Inu daimyo.


He had ditched the padding on his feet, leaving his toes some air and had untied his hair from the horrid ponytail it had forced to be in. He felt like the roaming hanyou all over again, and it sort of hurt. He had friends, he had a mission, and he was stuck here.


InuYasha chewed the bone until there was no meat left. Rabbits were a good source of food, and this place was thriving with them. He had found a nice decent cave to spend the night, and it was covered in dry moss. A nice place for a bed.


A small stream was nearby so InuYasha could drink from, and nice shady trees for cover if need be. InuYasha felt the pain on his side, but the pain had slowly been residing into almost nothing, until about a day ago. The pain had suddenly intensified, and it woke him up from a peaceful sleep, making him moan in pain. InuYasha ripped off his kimono to see the problem, and found it, it had gotten infected.


"Why the hell doesn't this heal right?" InuYasha spat. Knowing nothing about really treating his own wounds, he moved as quickly as he could to the stream and washed the wound carefully. At one point InuYasha's vision had blurred and caused his knees to buckle and he fell straight into the stream, soaking his hakama.


Defeated and in pain, InuYasha dragged his painful body back into his cave and laid back down and curled up, letting the fleas eat him from the outside. He coughed and curled tighter, closing his eyes wanting sleep to take back over.


Suddenly footsteps were heard, and InuYasha snapped his head up too fast. He hit his head on the low ceiling, and he groaned and fell back down. Closing his eyes, he waited for the footsteps to fade, hoping it was a human hunting group that wouldn't bother him in the least. But his nose told him it wasn't humans, it was Inu youkai.


'Shit', InuYasha thought. The scent wasn't exactly like the Inu youki scent in his otou's castle, it was different. InuYasha turned over and made a snarling noise, hoping to scare them off.


Of course it didn't work, the footsteps stopped just outside the mouth of the cave, and InuYasha had to squint to see three large shapes standing over him. InuYasha had no weapon, and his body was in such an painful extreme state, using his claws was going to be a hard task. Somehow, in the four days he was out here, he manged to plump this body up a little more since more food had been available. But the wound was counteracting the food's energy, and made him appear as if he were still starving. The remains of his fire lay on the other side of the cave for cooking his meat and keeping him warm during the cold nights.


InuYasha felt a clawed hand go over his forehead and then open his eye. He let out a growl and swiped at the hand with what strength he had.


"Back bastard!" InuYasha spat.


"Heh, he's alive." One of the Inu youkai said. "A few more days later, we would have been bringing back a body."


"Take him, our Western daimyo, Touga-sama, was looking for him." The taller of them said. "Bring him, he needs to return."


InuYasha tried to scramble away, but his body wasn't going to obey his mind, and he slumped just as he got off the moss and onto the cold cave floor.


"Easy buddy." One of the Inu youkai said. He and his warrior friend slowly picked him up without jolting InuYasha's wound and carried him out of the cave.


InuYasha was slowly passing in and out of consciousness, and he slumped in defeat against the Inu youkai's chest plate. He started to hack, and he felt pain shot up from his side and chest and he groaned. A small amount of blood dripped down his mouth as he started to cough again.


"Come on, he doesn't have that much longer." The leader of three said in urgent. InuYasha closed his eyes as a gust of wind hit his face fast and he fell into the darkness of a blissful sleep.




Aisuru touched her healed cheek, and grunted. She still felt the punch every time she touched her skin, even though the wound had long gone. Males never touched a female, unless they were mates. And Aisuru was defiantly not his mate.


Turing her head back to her patient and pregnant female, and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She was about to deliver, and it was the first time Aisuru was to deliver pups to the world. Her otou-sama was in the same room, his tall muscular figure standing and dipping a wet cloth into a bowl of water.


"You do know what do to my daughter?" Her otou-sama asked.


"Yes, otou-sama." Aisuru bowed, he was not allowed in the room, since he was male. Only female healers are allowed to help deliver pregnant females.


"Sir, you are needed!" A male warrior burst in, he immediately went red, and disappeared from the room when he realized what was going on.


"Aisuru, you have the Kami-sama's hands to guide you now." Her otou-sama said, and he disappeared through the flap. Aisuru grunted, but she took a deep breathe and started to help the female start to take deep breathes.


"That's it, easy. Start pushing." Aisuru said as she untangle the sheet around the lady's legs and put her hands to meet a small head.


"It hurts, damn it!" The female bellowed.


"I know, just push and clam your breathing." Aisuru said, trying to keep her own cool. The baby's head was now in her palms and she felt the females foot actually kick her in the face.


'Kami-sama, this is just not my day.' Aisuru thought. The baby was slowly pulled from the womb and Aisuru immediately cut the cord and wrapped the infant in a tight blanket, and licked the pups forehead.


The female gasped as the the final pulse went through her and she closed her eyes and listened as her baby started to cry.


"You have a boy." Aisuru said, as she crawled over to the female and showed her her child through the thick blanket.


"Oh, he is just like his otou." She whispered, and took the blanket from Aisuru's arms. Aisuru sat back, and wiped her forehead with her sleeve. She went over to the bucket and cleaned her hands thoroughly, and called for the female's mate so he can come and see his son. He busted in and knelt down next to his mate with a happy beam on his face.


Aisuru felt a pang of guilt, realizing what had happened was suppose to happen to her mother. She slowly bowed and congratulated the couple before walking out, she was happy with her work, her mother would have been happy.


One of the twins slowly walked up to her. "How did it go?" He asked.


"Fine, they have a boy." Aisuru said, she glanced at him again.




"Sorry." Aisuru shook her head, she never got them right, no one really did.


"Tsueesenshi-kun, or whatever he calls himself, your otou-sama is taking care of him." Takaisubarashii said.


"Oh, he returned?" Aisuru asked, a hint of disgust in her voice.


"No, the Northern daimyo-sama found him with his arriving warriors." The male shook his head. "He's not looking so good. The wound the Kami-Kodomo placed on him is making him violently ill."


"Humph." Aisuru snorted. "My otou-sama can just forget about him, all he does is cause trouble."


"He's part of the clan." Takaisubarashii stopped. "As a healer, you should know that we take care of everyone of our warriors, even if we personally don't like them."


"He's not a warrior." Aisuru said. "He's a nomad."


"A nomad?"


"Yea, something is strange about all of this, but I can't explain it." Aisuru shrugged. She stopped outside the door flap that her otou-sama's scent was coming out of. And the scent of the nomad, InuYasha, he smelled terribly ill.


"Otou-sama?" Aisuru called.


"How did it go dear, I am quiet busy at the moment." She heard him ask.


"Fine, they have a healthy baby boy, everything went fine, and I did everything you told me to." Aisuru replied.


"Very good." Her otou-sama went quiet. "Do you wish to come in? I have bathed him and he is in clothes."


Aisuru blinked, somehow her otou-sama got the boy to get a bath. She was surprised.


She entered with Takaisubarashii from behind and looked at the boy. His eyes were closed, and he looked extremely pale.


"He was the one that hit you, wasn't he?" Her otou-sama asked.


"Yes, sir." Aisuru said, trying not to show the hint of anger in her voice.


"I see." He turned back to his patient. "He was not in very good condition when the brought him in, he is covered in flea bites."


"How is his Kami-Kodomo mark?" Aisuru couldn't help but ask.


"Infected, and may be close to taking his life." Her otou-sama said, "I've done the best I could with it, it is up to his own youkai healing capability's to heal the rest."


"I see." Takaisubarashii said. Her otou-sama turned to twin and gave him a small nod.


Aisuru went over a knelt by InuYasha looking at his face. Obviously, he had tried to live in the surrounding forest, she was surprised that he had even sneaked passed the Kami-Kodomo and gotten stuck outside the castle.


"Aisuru, do you know a Kagome?" She stopped and stared at her otou-sama.


"No, but he mentioned her." Aisuru said.


"He was mumbling her name awhile ago." Her otou-sama frowned, "Probably a mate."


InuYasha looked cleaner and more prompt, his hair was back in a tight ponytail, and his kimono was fresh and new. His skin was coated with small red dots, flea bites, and he looked almost peaceful. His breathe thorough, came out ragged and one in a awhile he let out a strangling cough.


"How did you get him to take a bath?" Aisuru asked, curious.


"He wasn't awake, so he didn't fuss." Her otou-sama gave her worried look. "Why do you ask?"


"He wouldn't do it when I asked him." Aisuru snorted.


"Of course he didn't, he's obviously mated to a Kagome. I wouldn't want another female touching me if I were mated." He stopped and then said no more. Aisuru glanced at her otou-sama's face, but he had turned it away.


'Thinking of mother." Aisuru thought with a deep sorrow.


"Is he awake?" Takaisubarashii nearly jumped out of skin, and glanced at the doorway to see the almost new beta of the clan, Trisnover.


"No," Aisuru's otou-sama said. "He is still rather ill."


"When he awakes, and whatever state he's in, Touga-sama wants him in the chambers immediately." Trisnover said, before he disappeared behind the flap.


All three looked at one another, and then at InuYasha.


"For what has he really done, but hit my daughter?" Aisuru glanced at her otou-sama.


"A lot, but I suppose, it is more to find out what happened to Tsueesenshi-san." Aisuru said.


"I see." Her otou-sama stood up. "Watch over him for now, when he wakes, then either take him or lead him to the daimyo-sama's chambers."


Aisuru watched as her otou-sama leave, and Takaisubarashii sat down next to her.


InuYasha groaned and slowly rolled over, but didn't wake up. Takaisubarashii noticed his slight shake, and pulled the blanket over InuYasha's shoulders. He glanced at Aisuru, she wasn't doing anything but staring at the boy with a scold on her face.


"So the punishment didn't change him, did it?" Takaisubarashii asked.


"No, he really only got worse, he ran away again." Aisuru shook her head.


"Do you think he the daimyo-sama will...?" Takaisubarashii started.


"No, he is to ill now, he'll do something else," Aisuru said, "A punishment is only suppose to be done once, and usually they learn their lesson. He needs something else to push him in the right direction."


"Like what?" The twin asked.


"Don't know, I'm not the daimyo-sama." Aisuru shrugged.


Suddenly InuYasha surged up, and threw the blanket off of him, he keeled over and started to cough violently.


"Hey, take it easy...uh, what's his name?" Takaisubarashii asked as he put a hand on InuYasha's shoulder.


"InuYasha." Aisuru said simply.


"InuYasha-kun, you need to lay back down." Takaisubarashii asked.


"Get the fuck off of me!" InuYasha snarled, slicing into Takaisubarashii's cheek with his claw. Takaisubarashii was taken back, but then he narrowed his eyes and yanked InuYasha by his arm and pulled him to a tight hold, pinning InuYasha's arms to his side.


"I said...!" InuYasha started to snarl with his weak voice.


"You need to quiet acting like a pup!" Takaisubarashii snapped. "I've tried my best to act like a friend to you, but you are acting like a wild animal. I'm making demands around here not you."


Aisuru blinked, she never saw Takaisubarashii act like this, except for on the battlefield. It was usually his brother, Takaishizuka, that got angry and frustrated when provoked.


"Get off me you son of a bitch!" InuYasha hissed.


"Shut up." Aisuru snapped. "You disrespectful brat." InuYasha glared at her, his bangs just hiding his red eyes.


"Now that you're up..." Takaisubarashii said, "You're needed in the daimyo-sama's chambers. We can do that with you walking on your own or do I have to carry you up there?"


InuYasha snorted, he shrugged Takaisubarashii off and crossed his arms.


"What the hell do you want with me?" InuYasha spat.


"Ask the daimyo-sama that." Aisuru said. "We have no idea what he wants, but my otou-sama pulled you back through your near death. The least you can do is show some gratitude that we as a clan saved your life."


InuYasha just turned away, but didn't move. He looked lost, like he had found out something that was troubling him. Then after a few minutes he slowly stood up, but he fell again. Takaisubarashii offered his hand, but all InuYasha did was bat it away and hiss. He stood up again and stomped through the doorway.


Aisuru and Takaisubarashii looked at one another and followed him. He stood there in the hallway, obviously lost. Then Trisnover came out from the end of the hallway and gave InuYasha a disgusted glance, and then looked at the two of them and nodded.


"Come on boy, you're needed." Trisnover said, as he started to walk away. InuYasha looked at the ground, then at them, and stormed after Trisnover. Aisuru took a deep breathe and sighed, nobody knew what was going to become of him. InuYasha was hiding a lot, she just needed to yank it out of his stubborn willpower.

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