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Brother's Keeper

by InuYashaReader

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InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

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Chapter 2, Scroll 2

Brother's Keeper

InuYasha felt groggy, as his world came into a mixture of unusual colors and scents. He felt extremely dizzy and tired, and an exploding pain was coming from his left side.


InuYasha opened his eyes and flicked an ear; his vision was still rather blurry. He suddenly felt delicate, feminine hands tugging something over his side. Snapping his eyes around InuYasha looked upon a female Inu youkai.


For a second, InuYasha found himself staring at her, until her golden eyes met his. Nothing was said for a while, InuYasha felt at a loss for words, why the hell was a bitch treating him?


"Who the hell are you?!" InuYasha growled, jerking up and backed up. InuYasha felt the pain in his side increase tenfold, and he doubled over.


"Idiot!" The female Inu youkai hissed, "Tsueesenshi-san, stop moving, you'll open all the hard work I just did on your wound!"


InuYasha blinked at her, and stared down at his side. The side of his waist was wrapped in thick bandages, some were dangling. The blood was still seeping through the white fabric, but that wasn't InuYasha's concern, how the hell did he get injured anyway?


"Tsueesenshi-san?" The female asked again.


"My name isn't Tsueesenshi!" InuYasha spat. "Who the hell are you?!"


She blinked at him, her face paling. "What do you mean your name isn't...?" She stopped and looked at the ground.


InuYasha glared at her, and looked around for his Tessaiga, where did that bitch put it? InuYasha spotted a small dagger not far away on a table and grabbed for it. Ripping the small blade from its sheath, InuYasha pointed it at the females face.


"I asked, who the hell are you?!" InuYasha spat.




InuYasha stared at her, her position indicated no threat, but InuYasha had never heard of a youkai trying to take care of him, he was a hanyou.


"Ugh!" InuYasha noticed his vision was burring, and he landed on his knee. He heard the bitch scoot closer to him, but he jutted the dagger at her throat, ordering her back.


"Aisuru-san, do you...?" A male voice entered the premises, and before InuYasha could react to the intruder, he was thrown away from the bitch, a strong male arm holding his wrist that held the dagger. "What the hell do you think youre doing Tsueesenshi-kun!"


InuYasha blinked and looked up at the face of his attacker. A male Inu youkai glared down at him, his hair shorter than his, but tied to where his ponytail dangled to be touching InuYasha's nose. InuYasha sneezed as the hair caught the inside of his nose.


"Get off me asshole!" InuYasha roared. He brought up his loose hand and slashed with his claws at the Inu youkai, sending him to the other side of the room, a look of bewilderment on his face.


"Oy! Why are you attacking your friend Tsueesenshi-kun!" InuYasha spun around to another very similar male voice, and almost did an overtake. The other Inu youkai that had entered looked almost identical to the other male that he had thrown across the room!


"Why am I seeing double?!" InuYasha growled, rubbing his head. "Where the hell am I, and who the hell are you!"


The male that he thrown across the room dusted himself off and got up, he looked at the bitch, a look of concern melted across his face.


"Don't tell me, Tsueesenshi-kun has lost his memories?" The male asked, wiping the small amount of blood that had been running down his cheek where InuYasha had scratched him.


"It looks like it." The female bowed.


InuYasha stared at the three Inu youkai, who where they, and why was he here? He was a hanyou, hated by both humans and youkai, not wanted on either side. He sat up and backed away from them. InuYasha realized the problems of his situation, Tessaiga was nowhere to be seen and he was injured from Kami-sama knows what.


InuYasha took the advantage of the three Inu youkai conversations and looked down at his wound. It looked huge from the angle but as InuYasha pulled some bandages away, it was just deep. The wound looked like large hand-print had been burned into his side, but there was no defined outline that a hand had done this. His blood filled his nose, and InuYasha felt a little dizzy all over again. It reminded of the time when he got hit with his own Kaze no Kizu.



"Tsueesenshi-kun..." the male that InuYasha scratched, said, "This better not be one of your jokes."


"Who's joking?" InuYasha growled.


"Tsueesenshi-kun..." the other identical male started.


"Takaishizuka-san, Takaisubarashii-san, you wouldn't mind leaving would you!" the female snapped.


"I don't think so." The Inu, the one InuYasha had scratched, shook his head, "He had a blade at your throat, he's lost his mind."


"I'm right here assholes!" InuYasha hissed. He stood up, and flattened his ears on his head, and barred his fangs. "I don't know who this 'Tsueesenshi' is, but I'm not him!"


"Yes you are." One of the Takai's' said. "You were in battle and one of the Kami-Kodomo planted that wound on you. I'm surprised you lived, Tsueesenshi-kun, but I think the wound has made you lose your memories."


"Kami-Kodomo?" InuYasha asked. Miroku will be mad if he ever heard that, InuYasha thought, "There is no such thing as Kami-Kodomo."


The female groaned and shook her head. "Tsueesenshi-san, please come back so I can fix up your wound."


"No." InuYasha hissed, "No one treats my wounds, but Kagome."


"Who's Kagome?" Aisuru asked.


"She..." InuYasha froze; he snarled and turned his back to find a small carved window to his right. InuYasha frowned; he was not exactly in a small hut. Looking at his surroundings more closely InuYasha felt more insecure, this place was decorated in many paintings and scrolls that hung from the walls. This was a castle.


InuYasha had only been in a castle once in his life, and that was where his mother used to live. It was also the place where his otou had died trying to protect him and his mother from certain death. But that had been a human castle; this castle was obviously filled with Inu youkai, so the furnishings were more elegant.


InuYasha looked at the three Inu youkai, the two identical males who's names had been said once, but InuYasha couldn't tell who was who. They were obviously brothers, identical twins, Kagome would have called them. Their hair was tied in the same fashion and whore the same style armor, and even their obi was the same design. Their kimono's were the same elegant white as Sesshomaru's, only without the design on the shoulder. Two blue-green stripes came up from the bottom of their cheeks up to about an inch under their eyes. The bitch was in a elegant yellow, pink, and white kimono, the sleeves hung very long about three feet off her elbows. Her hair was tied into two long ponytails that curved up and then down, her hair was longer then even Sesshomaru's. Her obi was styled like a human girl's kimono with a beautiful flower design that reflected many different colors. A small white stripe lined each of her cheeks from her pointy ear to the center of her cheekbone. None of them had the crescent moon InuYasha knew his onii had, and it bugged him. All three had piercing golden eyes, all bearing into him like he was water that was see-through.


"What's with his ears?" The female finally asked after what seemed like a decade of silence. InuYasha felt his ear flick as if the appendage knew it had been insulted.


"What has that wound done to him?!" One of the twins through up his hands and shook his head. "He looks like he aged backwards!"


"Hey!" InuYasha growled. "I'm not a pup!"


"Youre a warrior, fool." The other twin glared at him. "A child can't be a warrior unless trained. It looks like you have lost your memories, not only about yourself, but by our own customs!"


"Customs?" InuYasha sneered, "I don't follow anyone's customs! More or less, a youkai's customs!"


"You're a youkai, bouzu." The female crossed her arms, careful not to get her bloody hands on her kimono. InuYasha frowned at her statement. InuYasha looked at one of the twins chest plate and stared at his reflection, and felt surprise blanket his brain.


The reflection was him, but at the same time, it wasn't. His Inu ears were a top his head, but really took InuYasha off guard, were his royal purple stripes that lined his cheeks. His face seemed a little to rough to be his chin as if it belonged to someone much taller and more muscular then him. Purple stripes lined his arm just under his shoulder and another set was at his wrists.


He was half dressed; his hakama was white with a long dark red and blue obi that was loosely tied around his hips. He wore black leather padding on his feet, much to InuYasha's annoyance of having something on his feet at all, and his hair was tied in a long ponytail that reached down to his lower waist.


Where was his fire rat? Where was his Tessaiga? Where the hell was he! InuYasha felt his legs give out and he tumbled back landing on his tailbone, with a small grunt. The wound was taking an effect on his mobility, and he could nothing to defend himself, he dagger had been thrown away and his claws seemed useless at the moment.


"Tsueesenshi-kun, you need to let Aisuru-san clean your wound and get some sleep." The kinder of the two twins came up and grasp InuYasha's arm with a gentle gesture to help him up. "We'll go get some food when you can walk better, the daimyo-sama will want to know that you're still alive."


"Daimyo-sama?!" InuYasha blinked. Sesshomaru didn't have castle! He was a wanderer around his land with no destined destination. "Sesshomaru is no daimyo-sama of a castle full of Inu youkai!"


All three of them froze when Sesshomaru's name left InuYasha's lips. They all looked at one another for a moment. Then to InuYasha's surprise, they all burst out laughing.


"What's so funny?!" InuYasha hissed.


"Sesshomaru-sama, as the daimyo-sama?" The twin holding him laughed, he dropped InuYasha's arm, causing the startled hanyou to land on his ass again, and clung to the wall to hold his body from laughing so hard.


"What, he may be an ass, yes, but he still is the daimyo-sama of the Western Lands last I heard." InuYasha grumbled.


"Oh Kami-sama," the female giggled, "Sesshomaru-sama, is nothing but a mere eight-year old child."


WHAT! InuYasha's eyes widened.

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