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Brother's Keeper

by InuYashaReader

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, InuYasha, Romance

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InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

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Chapter 3, Scroll 3

Brother's Keeper

InuYasha looked straight at the wall, saying nothing. The utter shock of it had caused his body to go completely rigid. The female had taken the twenty minutes of his utter silence and had begun to wrap his wound again.


The two Inu male Inu youkai had left when they realized InuYasha was no longer talking. InuYasha blinked when he came back to earth again and looked at the female as she wrapped one last strand and patted it.


"There." She said, "Now, don't get into fights, and don't stretch it. Take a nap if you need too, and then call me if you need anything." She stood up and shook her long silver ponytails. "And don't open your bandages either!"


InuYasha stopped and stared before the bitch took a pound to his head, leaving him even more dazed. Then she huffed out, muttering about lost memories.


"Bitch!" InuYasha hissed, rubbing his head. As the last of her kimono disappeared behind the flap in the doorway, InuYasha stood and started to look for his clothes and Tessaiga.


"Where the hell did they put it!" InuYasha cursed. He felt vulnerable without his fang, and he hated it. The dagger had been sheathed and placed back on the nearby table. Grunting, InuYasha snatched it up and tied it with his obi. A dagger was better than nothing.


Sitting back down, InuYasha tried to figure out what really had happened. I went to get Kagome's backpack, right? InuYasha thought, then what? The well had started to drag him, and then waking up here.


"Damn it!" InuYasha slammed his fist into the ground. "The well sent me somewhere!"


InuYasha growled and stood back up, he had to get back to the well, where ever it was.


Just as he was about to dart out of the room, one of the identical Inu youkai walked in stopping InuYasha in his tracks. Barring his fangs, InuYasha gripped the hilt of the dagger.


"Tsueesenshi-san, its me, relax." The Inu youkai put up his hands in a sign of innocence.


InuYasha snorted, "What the hell do you want?"


"I was supposed to check if you were resting, but it looks like you have enough energy as a bear." The Inu frowned. "Its Takaisubarashii, unless you have forgotten that too."


"I don't even know you." InuYasha snorted. "Now where is my Tessaiga?!"


"Youre what?"


"My fang, my sword imbecile!" InuYasha growled.


"One of your swords was shattered, and the others need repair." Takaisubarashii sighed, "Your swords won't be returning for some time."


"I only have one sword, bouzu." InuYasha spat.


"You have three."


"I have one!"


"Have you forgotten everything?!" The Inu growled.


"I'm not Tsueesenshi!" InuYasha hissed, "I'm InuYasha, and I don't know who the hell you are or where I am!"


"InuYasha?" Takaisubarashii frowned, "Fine, whatever, but Aisuru-san asked you to sleep so your wound wouldn't get ripped open again."


"Keh, like I listen to bitch's." InuYasha snorted. "Move, you're in my way."


"Where are you going?" The Inu folded his arms and stood in front of the doorway.


"Home, now move it!"


"You're home, bouzu." Takaisubarashii snorted.


"If you don't move, your corpse will be the only thing in my way." InuYasha growled, gripping the hilt even tighter.


"Didn't I tell you not to fight?!" Before either Inu youkai could blink, the bitch stormed past Takaisubarashii and shoved InuYasha to ground. The hanyou hit the ground startled by her strength and her swift appearance.


"Stay in futon before I bound you too it!" Aisuru hissed. She grabbed Takaisubarashii and pulled him out of the room, and InuYasha was left alone once more.


"Bitch, do that again I'll rip your throat out!" InuYasha yelled. "Shit!" InuYasha suddenly felt pain shoot up his side, and he gripped his bandages winching in pain.


InuYasha sighed, and remained on the ground, and blew some air, puffing some of his bangs out of his face. Sesshomaru, only a child? InuYasha didn't believe it. In fact, he couldn't believe it. Sesshomaru was his onii, older and more wise, and a lot more powerful.


Sesshomaru always seemed to do what he wanted without anyone go against him. Sesshomaru repeatedly said to InuYasha he was going to be his death, and InuYasha felt like he reminded him too much. The realization of Sesshomaru being smaller and weaker made something sinister grow in InuYasha's mind. He could easily rip Sesshomaru's throat out without much effort.


"Why did I just think that?!" InuYasha shook his head, throwing those fantasies and images from his head. InuYasha paled at the thought of killing Sesshomaru, he said it often, often felt like he wanted to, but could he actually do it? InuYasha didn't know what was stopping him, maybe the human side of him was trying to be reasonable.


"Sesshomaru isn't a brat," InuYasha said to himself, "That was a lie to make me feel better." InuYasha looked to his side and threw on a white haori that had been nicely folded next to his futon.


Tying the knot, he sniffed the air, there was Inu youkai scent everywhere, and it was making hard to tell if anyone was approaching the doorway. Standing up, InuYasha stuck his head out the frame, and glanced down the long, dark hallway.


InuYasha felt his stomach give out, this place was huge, bigger than he had been picturing in his small room. Glancing down both ways InuYasha zipped down the way he smelled Takaisubarashii's, or whatever his name was, scent.


InuYasha felt his breathe come out hard and slow, he had never been so unfamiliar with his surroundings before. A castle was not a place where he, a hanyou, belonged. He was used to the forest, running free in the trees and flying through the air at his own pace. This place was confining, and was to unfamiliar for InuYasha to comprehend.


InuYasha turned several corners, not sure where he was and looked back to try to retreat his steps, but ended up in a completely different hallway. InuYasha gulped, this place was dark, the windows were covered and hid the sky.


InuYasha turned, he felt like he was being watched, and his eyes set on a pair of dark golden eyes that stared at him through the dark. The Inu youkai stood tall and proud, covered in armor and whore a dark kimono, almost hiding the youkai from view. Or was it a statue? InuYasha didn't want to stick around and find out. He saw at least four weapons on the structure or being, he wasn't in the mood to get into a fight with such an imposing figure.


"Damn it..." InuYasha crossed his arms over his chest and hugged his shoulders. His heart was beating and for the first time in a while, he was scared. He now wished he had stayed in the room he woke up in, and at least someone would have been there to let him follow. Now, he was lost, and he wanted out.


"Hello?" InuYasha felt like a pup again when he heard sounds in the forest after his mother had died. "Stupid, stop it, its just a big place, just follow your scent back."


InuYasha tried, but the entire place was coated with Inu youkai scent, he had lost his trail in the mixture of all of them. InuYasha looked for a window that possibly led outside, but there was none that weren't covered. Of all the things this place didn't have were open windows!


Suddenly he heard scurrying coming from behind him. InuYasha spun around and ripped out the dagger, ready for anything. His eyes danced around to find the source, but the place was too dark, even for his vision. The scurrying was heard again and InuYasha spun to his right, swinging the small blade through the air. Whatever it was, it was too big to be a rat.


"Show yourself!" InuYasha spat. "I can hear you!"


The scurrying happened again, and InuYasha swore he heard giggling. He was being screwed with.


"You better show yourself, or I'll gut you!"


"Oooooooo..." InuYasha nearly swung his dagger when that noise hit his ears. He frowned and lightened his defensive position that had sounded like a kid making a ghost noise.


"Keh, brat, show yourself, youre not good at being scary." InuYasha grumbled, he had been scared by some kid! Suddenly something large, but smaller than him, latched onto to his leg which threw him off balance, and making him drop the dagger in surprise. InuYasha didn't think this kid was playing anymore and swung his claws toward his leg.


"Ouch!" The brat scrambled off, and InuYasha could smell a small amount of his blood. He had hit him, but without giving the brat serious injury. "You hurt me!"


"That's what you get for acting like you trying to eat my leg!" InuYasha huffed. Standing back up, he twirled the dagger tip away from where he tossed the youth and sheathed it. InuYasha crossed his arms, well at least he found someone who could tell him where he was.


"Where the hell is the exit to this place, brat?" InuYasha growled.


"How dare you call me brat!" InuYasha twitched an ear. Great, he had to have a stuck up kid to help him.


"Brat, brat!" InuYasha stuck out his tongue, "Tell me where the exit is."


"I'm telling otou-sama, and he'll beat you up!" InuYasha couldn't help but role his eyes. "Now youre going to get it."


"Please, I don't have time to mess around with..." InuYasha's eyes widened when the youth stepped out into his eye view. The youth was wearing a complete white kimono; his haori was open, exposing some of his chest. But really was noticeable to InuYasha, two golden piercing eyes, two red stripes on each of his cheeks, and a blue crescent moon on the center of the youths forehead. "Wha..."


"Otou-sama is going to punish you!" The little Sesshomaru stuck out his tongue. InuYasha was speechless, this was his onii! Sticking his tongue at him!


"Ga..." InuYasha couldn't form words at all. They bitch wasn't lying to him; Sesshomaru really was...InuYasha had a bad feeling about this. "Go away." InuYasha finally muttered. He turned his back and started to run, his feet carrying him through the maze he was completely lost in.


"Hey!" InuYasha heard his little onii shout from behind him, but InuYasha didn't listen. That can't be Sesshomaru, the youkai who killed mercilessly, the person who swore will end his life, the onii who made his young life miserable...that can't be him!


InuYasha was sweating and he felt the stinging at his side again, he must be straining his wound from the running. InuYasha looked behind him; if Sesshomaru had decided to follow he was far behind now. Just as InuYasha turned another corner, he crashed into something sending him sprawling to the ground, dazed.


"Damn it!" InuYasha spat, "I need..." He froze, he had not run into a wall. His face was right on top of a black leather boot, which had to be someone's foot.


He gazed up to see a Inu youkai in a white kimono and armor that glistened even in the dark. InuYasha scrambled to his feet, and was ready to race around the youkai he had bumped into when the youkai's arm shot out grabbing his upper arm.


InuYasha froze, the strength behind the arm made his instincts almost shut down on him. They were telling him to submit. InuYasha looked at the youkai that had seized him and growled.


"You better let go..." InuYasha growled.


"That is no way to speak to your Sama." The voice was dominant and demanding, and before InuYasha could respond he was thrown to the grown at the youkai's feet.


InuYasha glared up at him as was ready to snap at him he had no 'Sama', but stopped. This youkai, why did he seem so...familiar?


"Otou-sama!" InuYasha glanced around to see Sesshomaru charge up and grab the hakama leg of the male youkai in front of InuYasha. "He called me a brat, I hate him!" InuYasha paled.


The male youkai said nothing to Sesshomaru, but Sesshomaru's words were still ringing in InuYasha's ears. Otou-sama...? InuYasha looked up at the face he had never known, had never pictured, and had never seen.


The face of his otou, the face of the man that fell in love with his human mother.

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