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Brother's Keeper

by InuYashaReader

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, InuYasha, Romance

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InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

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Chapter 6, Scroll 6

Brother's Keeper

InuYasha awoke to a severe pounding in both his head and shoulder. InuYasha opened his eyes only to be assaulted by more pain.



"Ugh..." InuYasha brought his hand up when it brushed against some skin. His hand was slapped down by an angry hand.



"Idiot!" InuYasha looked up to see the bitch at his side, again, wrapping his wounds. "Watch where you hand was going!"



InuYasha jerked away from her, he wanted nothing to do with her, nothing to do with them. "Get the hell away from me!" InuYasha spat.



"How thoughtful of you." She snapped, "As if your wounds needed my care anyway." With that she stood up and walked to other side of the room and sat down. Her cold expression bore right thorough his skull.



InuYasha hissed, what made him return here? He was trying to get away and he turned back, trying to get away from those...youkai? He had forgotten who had attacked him.



Sitting up was hard, every part of him screamed in protest, but he ignored it. A large bandage wrapped around his shoulder and his own blood filled his nostrils. InuYasha made the attempt to stand up, but a large strong hand slammed down on his uninjured shoulder forcing him back on the ground.



"The hell...?" InuYasha started. He looked up at who had pushed him, only to find an imposing male Inu youkai in armor. "Get your hands off me you..."



"Be silent fool." The male snorted. InuYasha suddenly recognized him, he was the one who had challenged his otou at the "feast". Trisnover was his name?



"I'm not going to listen to..." InuYasha started to snarl. When movement at the door flap stopped his sneer cold. His otou stood there, or what InuYasha was beginning to think, wasn't.



InuYasha closed his mouth and Aisuru stood up fast and bowed toward the Daimyo-sama's direction. Trisnover straightened behind InuYasha, and gave a slight bow also. InuYasha was the only one who only acknowledged the Daimyo-sama with a cold stare.



"Can you stand boy?" InuYasha flinched. It sounded more like an order, but at the same time a question. For if he couldn't stand, apparently the Daimyo-sama wouldn't force him into doing so. InuYasha slowly stood up, he hated being ordered around, but his instincts were just plain screaming at him to follow whatever order came out of that daiyoukai's mouth.



His left knee buckled from underneath him, but Trisnover's hand grabbed him under the arm, hoisting him back on his feet. InuYasha snatched his arm away and grasped the table to support himself. He didn't need the help of some Inu youkai.



InuYasha felt scrutinized, and he hated it. He looked up into the gold eyes of his so called "otou" and gave his best cold look. His ears went back on his head, and he lifted his lip slightly to give a small sneer. Aisuru gave him a nasty look from behind the Daimyo-sama, probably telling him to drop the attitude and behave.



"Is there a problem that needs to be resolved, or do we have to go a lot further then this?" The Touga asked.



InuYasha felt his hair puff out, he wanted to scream in his face, he wanted to tell the damn bastard what was wrong, he had eaten...



"Boy, calm your youki before I do." The command immediately knocked InuYasha back from his almost blind rage, and he shook his head, and regained the cold look at the Daimyo-sama.



"You ate human." InuYasha answered with a small sneer to show his displeasure.



"No one forces you to eat it." The Daimyo-sama turned his head, and stared at Aisuru, she immediately shrunk away, afraid.



"But you...!"



"Respect your Daimyo-sama, brat!" InuYasha felt a hard blow to the back of the head, sending his already unstable body crashing to the floor.



"Trisnover, I will instruct punishment here, remain as you are!" The Touga order his solider. Trisnover went ridged and immediately backed down, muttering an apology and giving small bows in respect.



"Damn..." Aisuru hissed, "I just finished wrapping his wound too."



InuYasha groaned, and glared at the male Inu. He was going to rip that moron apart the first chance he got. Even as a youkai, I'm weak, InuYasha mused. Maybe its not being a hanyou, maybe its just me!



"You smell like Tsueesenshi, but you are not." InuYasha looked up at the Daimyo-sama through his thick bangs. "Who are you? For what you have somehow done to Tsueesenshi's body, you appear to be young."



InuYasha felt a snort come up his throat, but kept it lodged, he was truly afraid of what would happen if he let it out. Slowly pulling his composure together, he got back up on wobbly legs and stared the Daimyo-sama in the face.



"Someone you don't need to know about." InuYasha spat.



That did it, he felt light-headed as the floor suddenly vanished from his feet, and a large hand grasping his neck tightly, but not enough to cut his air supply.



"Does that mean that mark has possessed you and you are part of the Kami-Kodomo?"



The question stunned InuYasha, he didn't even know who the Kami-Kodomo were, and they were accusing him of being one of them!



"I...don't know what the...hell you're talking about!" InuYasha gasped. His hands went to the large wrist, trying to pry himself loose from the strong choke hold.



He was released and he dropped to the floor with a small 'thud'. Gasping once more, InuYasha spun around to see the Daimyo-sama leave, followed by Trisnover. He had not said a word about InuYasha's answer.



Aisuru, looked pale, she stared at him with wide eyes and then glanced down, her hands fidgeting.



"What?" InuYasha rasped, "You bastards eat human, I want nothing to do with you!" She didn't answer him, she stood back up and went back to his side, tugging once again on his bandages.



InuYasha hissed, grabbing her neck and pinning her to the floor, fangs barred.



"I'm sick of you touching me bitch." InuYasha snarled. "You better start talking before I rip your pretty throat out."



She frowned at his threat, "Kill one of your own clan, how far did that scar twist your mind, Inu-Yas-ha?" She said his name with much disrespect.



"I don't belong in a clan, bitch!" InuYasha snapped, his nose was now touching hers. For a second, fear passed through her eyes then anger, and he felt a clawed hand on his injured side.



"If youre intending to take me, I'll rip your lung out!" She spat. InuYasha jumped back, applaud that he had come way to close to her. He barred his fangs and wobbled to the other side of the room, away from HER.



His youkai was furious beyond a doubt, but almost forcing himself on someone, something, he had just met, sickened him. He wanted to go back, back to Miroku, Sango...and Kagome. He didn't belong here, he hated being scrutinized, ordered around, prompt to dress, he HATED it!



InuYasha threw the small table across the room, breaking it easily. He ripped anything that stood in his path, snarling like a cursed dog. Finally out of breath, and out the small amount of energy he had, he sat back down on the ground and puffed his bangs out of his face.



"Are you done?" Aisuru asked. She sat back up and rubbed her neck. He was surprised she was still talking to him.



"Get lost you filthy bitch." InuYasha spat.



She stood up and pulled her long kimono sleeves up, and glared down at him. "I need to wrap them tighter."



"Over my dead body."



"You're about to be dead if you don't let me, you complete scoundrel!" She hissed. InuYasha barred his fangs and stood up, cracking his claws.



"I feel like killing someone right now, and you just happen to be here." InuYasha stepped forward menacingly. He hated attacking woman, but this bitch had gotten on his last nerve, he just wouldn't tell the others of his bad deed.



"Save your energy." She snapped, "Taking my life will only worsen your condition after tonight." InuYasha froze, was that a threat?



"Who do you think you are, threatening me?" InuYasha snarled, "You couldn't even try attacking if you could bitch!"



She snarled, and slammed the bottom of her palm to his nose, catching him off guard and sending him spiraling to the floor. His nose, could only smell his blood.



"There, now that you can't smell anything but your own stupid blood, I suggest you let me wrap your wounds and save your energy, youre going to need it tonight." She snapped grabbing his ear, which sent a massive amount of pain through InuYasha's skull, and pushing him back on the futon.



InuYasha hissed, but the pain coming from every direction on his body, finally made him give in and let Aisuru have the time to re-wrap his wounds. But he kept his fist clinched and a large snarl planted deep on his face to show how much displeasure he was getting.



She was tying them tight, so tight it was pinching his skin. He snarled and struck at her a few times telling her it was too tight.



"Youre going to need them tight tonight!" She hissed.



"Why!" InuYasha hissed.



Then he suddenly frowned as she paled and slowly looked the other direction. Something about that look, looked haunting, and InuYasha felt his stomach clench.



"What, it can't be that bad, am I going have to challenge that filthy Daimyo-sama or what?" She smacked him, he, for once, ignored the slap. "Hue?"



"Stop talking about him like you hate his guts." She snapped, "What has he ever done to you?" She snapped, "You're obviously not Tsueesenshi-san, so then who are you? A rogue Inu youkai with no home?"



"Yes!" She blinked and stared at him.



"I see."



InuYasha stared at her as she gave him a quizzical look. She was mostly correct on that guess, but he wasn't a Inu youkai, but an Inu hanyou.



She stood up, and looked at the covered window of the room, she slowly folded the bandages and towels she had used and started to walk out, but before she completely left she turned to him and said.



"Don't kill yourself." And she was gone, leaving InuYasha alone. Puzzled at her request, he slowly pulled the blanket over himself. He saw the sunset light just under the covered window disappear, leaving the room pitch black.



InuYasha cringed, this wasn't right for him, he hated being alone, in a strange place...



Stop it, InuYasha thought to himself, just go to sleep, nothing is going to happen.



InuYasha closed his eyes and pulled the blanket over his head, but his ears stayed up, alert and ready. Not feeling tired at all, InuYasha reopened his eyes, there was defiantly not going to be any sleep tonight.



The scent of a nearby Inu youkai confirmed his suspensions, and InuYasha tightened his hand on the blanket. He slowly readied his claws to strike., as the dark had an empty space at the foot of his bed.



InuYasha's nose was still pounding from the weird strike the bitch had planted on his face, so he couldn't tell who it was, but all he needed to know, it was danger.



InuYasha closed his eyes and relaxed his breathing, to fake the appearance of sleep, he was going to surprise his opponent. He was ready for whatever was coming at him.






The Daimyo-sama left the room leaving the boy gurgling from the choke hold. Trisnover followed him and finally decided to come at his side, and glance into the Touga's eyes.



"What if he is not in the clan? Should you still have to...?"



"Your questions are not going to be answered Trisnover." Touga said. "It is none of your concern."



"Well, his piece of meat was what landed on my head." Trisnover snorted.



"I do not care."



"Heh, he didn't want it, so I ate it."



"You did what?" The amused tone froze Trisnover. "Let me remind you, woman need the extra food, not the MEN!" The Daimyo-sama's face slammed into Trisnover's and the startled solider fell down, shocked that he angered his Daimyo-sama.



"I will be busy tonight, for your unreasonable deed by eating what didn't belong to you, you will watch my son for the remainder of the night and into tomorrow." The Touga turned, "Get up, you look like a fool."



Trisnover tried his best not to groan out loud. Taking care of the Daimyo-sama's son was the worst thing to get planted with, that brat was nothing more than a wild, playing, nuisance.



"Yes sir." Trisnover bowed, "It won't happen again."



"There will not be any meat flying in your direction again after tonight." Touga stopped and turned back to the corridor they had just left. "He will learn his place once more, which mark has changed him into a completely different Inu youkai all together He must relearn what he has lost."



"Daimyo-sama, I have a bad feeling about him. He might fight you." Trisnover gulped.



"Then I must restrain him. Like any misbehaved pup, they can be strained, and his injuries will hold him back from doing anything to drastic." The Daimyo-sama stared at his solider. "Are you worried I might lose to a injured Inu that is nearly two times smaller than me?"



Trisnover looked at the ground, and fidgeted. "No, but you have lacked battle for a while, I just might have a feeling...he might try to kill you."



"He won't, even if he was from another clan, he still knows better than to kill a Daimyo-sama, he can't be one himself and he knows it. And if he is from the Kami-Kodomo, I highly doubt they would try to kill me. They've kept us locked in here long enough, their goal is not to kill, but I fear, something even more sinister." The Daimyo-sama stopped just outside the strange eared Inu youkai's room. "Leave, Aisuru has gone, I do not need anyone to come and disturb what he needs."



"Yes sir." Trisnover bowed and headed towards the Daimyo-sama's son, Sesshomaru's room to 'babysit' the boy for the rest of the night. Touga peeked slightly into the room, and felt his stomach clench.



He was worried, why? The boy obliviously needed the punishment, why all of the sudden the amount of regret piling into him? The Daimyo-sama slowly shook such strange thoughts from his thoughts and glared down at the blanket covering the small frame of once was a grand warrior. Tsueesenshi, was, or had been the clans beta.



Touga noted the boy's position, he wasn't sleeping, he was preparing to attack. Trisnover did say he would fight, and he had not been wrong. The Daimyo-sama felt a tight squeeze in his stomach, like something was telling him this was wrong, why? He wasn't anything to this boy? Why did he feel like he was going to punish something...he cared about?



Touga frowned and closed his eyes before bending down to peel the blanket away, something told him, he was going to be hurting after tonight.

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