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Brother's Keeper

by InuYashaReader

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InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

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Chapter 7, Scroll 7

Brother's Keeper

InuYasha tightened his fist, as the shadow passed over his left flank. InuYasha watched with moving eyes as the shadow stopped just to his side. He could hear the small breathes the Inu was taking, and for a second, he thought the Inu was rethinking of whatever he was planning on doing. But, the Inu knelt down and lifted the blanket, InuYasha snapped his eyes closed, and pretended not to notice the movement the blanket had done.


Silence blanketed the room, and InuYasha realized his stomach was trying to burst out of his gut. It was giving a sickening squeeze, and he was doing his best not to let out a cough.


The Inu didn't touch him, for a awhile, InuYasha felt a weird sensation it was a bitch checking him out, and not a male. They weren't doing anything but standing there, staring at him 'sleeping'. But the scent immediately ruled that out, it was defiantly male. The bitch had actually broken his nose, and he was having a hard time smelling on who it particularly was. He had snapped it back, but his blood still swamped his nose, giving him the disadvantage. Fighting without his nose was not good, he used it to tell where an attack was coming, where the direction he was heading...everything.


Losing his patience, InuYasha made it clear by shifting and turning his back. Knowing it got the Inu's attention, he hoped the moron would get the hint, leaving him alone.


InuYasha felt a large hand suddenly grab hold of his shoulder, causing his eyes to snap open and unleash his claws, slashing at whatever part of his attacker was the closest. Snarling like an animal, InuYasha turned over off the futon and threw the blanket, hoping to blind his opponent and pounce for the kill. That's not what happened.


The Inu burst forward with the blanket and the large arm grabbed InuYasha's wrist pulling him into a tight embrace.


"Get off of me you asshole!" InuYasha roared. InuYasha kicked and used his smaller frame to take advantage of the weak grip and slip free, giving the leg of the Inu another swift kick before jumping away.


The blanket revealed his attacker, and InuYasha's stomach dropped. His otou stood there, very clam, but a little agitated. InuYasha felt fear churn up his throat and he backed away, grabbing onto the fallen table he had thrown earlier.


"Why are you...?" InuYasha couldn't get any words in his mouth to come out. He felt a horrid swelling come up his throat a swell that was ready to do something he had only done twice in his life...cry.


"What are doing! What do you want!" InuYasha could hear the panicking in his voice. He felt like a child again backed up against a cliff facing a hungry youkai ready to eat him. But this was far worse, he was someone close, ready to hurt him freely, it hurt, it hurt like hell.


The silent response hurt more than a 'You deserve it'. InuYasha watched his otou step toward him and then moved so fast, InuYasha just barley dodged the grab, and stumbled back onto the floor. InuYasha couldn't get his body to snap out of the fear phase it was in. His body felt frozen, yet not cold. He was hurting, but not from physical wounds, but from the emotions ready to make him succumb.


InuYasha bolted for the door flap, but didn't make it. The large arm snaked around his waist, pulling him back into the room, and pinning him to the floor. InuYasha screamed and hissed, snarling and sinking his claws into his otou's cheek, drawing blood.


"Get off of me!" InuYasha howled, and squirming and getting his arm from the powerful grip it had been in. He slashed at the Inu's neck but he moved it in the right angle to only have InuYasha slash into his armor, successfully breaking two claws.


Seemingly, InuYasha felt panic drive into a frenzy. He thrashed and thrust his claws at whatever he could reach. His legs began kicking frantically in the air, and his head jerking around as if his hair was on fire.


InuYasha suddenly felt severe pain on his left side, he had reopened the wound with his frantic struggle. Growling and sneering in pain, InuYasha left leg kicked out with adrenaline, hearing a successful snap, he finally felt exhaustion over take him and he slowly went limp.


For a moment there was silence and InuYasha felt the older Inu's breathe on his neck. With only an ounce of strength, InuYasha stretched and tried to bite the ear that was just in reach of his mouth. That caused a sudden anger to stir up in his otou, and he felt his back slam into the ground.


Pinned and staring up into cold, angry, yet sorrowful eyes, he could sense pain. He might have hurt him, but InuYasha didn't know if he had broken his own bone or his otou's.


Reaching up he made one last attempt to scratch his otou's face, but his arm was batted down and both of his wrists were pinned under one hand. InuYasha let out a whimper, and finally felt the exhaustion of fighting and reopening of his wounds, forcing him to give in.


"Boy, if you ever disobey an order from your Daimyo-sama again. It will not serve you well." InuYasha felt his ear get snatched up and breathed into with that statement. InuYasha tried to pull away, but was halted by a grab on the back of his neck.


He weakly opened his eyes to find himself nose to nose with the man he had looked up too, but never truly met. And now, he hated him, the pride Myoga always boosted about, the great fang Tessaiga, it was nothing to InuYasha anymore. This man was cruel, and evil, and InuYasha looked him straight in the eye to make him read what he was thinking, a son, betrayed by his own otou, he wanted the Daimyo-sama to see his hurt.


"Gah..." InuYasha moaned as his head was jerked up and forced to get even closer to the Daimyo-sama's body. "Let me..."


And suddenly pain erupted at his neck, causing him to shriek. InuYasha felt a new wave of energy sweep into his body as to sharp fangs entered to close to his jugular forcing him to stop thrashing or risk having his throat torn out.


Alpha, beta, InuYasha had heard those terms before, but he never really cared about their meaning. It all came down to his instincts, and he heard his own youki saying, "He is alpha, you are beta, listen to him." InuYasha closed his eyes and went limp under the crushing jaws on his neck. He succumbed, he still hated, fighting inside. He felt an unnerving coldness sweep over him, as the fangs released the hold on his neck and is head slowly lowered to the ground.


"You have learned your lesson, do not attempt to disrupt the clan any longer." The Daimyo-sama stood up as InuYasha watch him suddenly grasp the wall, holding his right leg. For a second he stopped and stared and then closed his eyes.


"Trisnover, get Aisuru in here, he has reopened his wounds."


"Touga-Daimyo-sama, your hurt!" InuYasha heard the male voice coming from outside the room.


"It is nothing, this will heal in the morning. Fetch Aisuru."




InuYasha moaned and closed his eyes, he felt the pain dig deeper than any physical blow. He still had only a tad bit of energy left, but that was all he needed.


Just as the Daimyo-sama's mokomoko was just disappearing through the door flap, InuYasha took a small deep breathe and screamed, "I HATE YOU!"


And his world went black once more.






The Daimyo-sama stumbled out of the door flap, just as those three words were hung thick into the air.




Touga froze, and for a while just stood there leaning on the wall. Regaining his composure he limped on into the corridor. Luckily Trisnover had only smelled blood and not seen his physical condition, the beta would have easily snatched him up to see Aisuru's otou-san to heal his injuries. The boy had gotten a good blow, his left leg was broken.


The Daimyo-sama stumbled and collapsed on the ground, he had been in many battles before, but when it came to punishing soldiers it was not like battle. Battle is where you intend to kill the enemy; he could never come to terms for killing a solider of his own clan. He would not be a worth Daimyo-sama if he did such things.


It was harder with this one, he looked just older than a pup who had been fully trained to become a soldier, but still extremely small. Touga felt it best to do it anyways, but the injury the boy had was a major issue. The Daimyo-sama had failed to keep the boy from panicking causing the boy to reopen his own wound. At most, the solider would only come out with a few bruises and the nasty bite mark that would be seen for weeks as nasty reminder. The boy had completely injured himself.


Suddenly hearing footsteps, the Daimyo-sama grasped the hilt of So'unga but the smell immediately told him who it was. His mate. Great, she has to see me in such awful condition, Touga thought with a muse.


"Might I ask why you are on the ground, dear?" Touga wanted to snort. He slowly stood up and brushed his kimono.


"I had an unfortunate struggle with a solider that needed punishment." He replied to his mate, "He has caused more injuries to himself then to I."


"Your leg, it is not broken is it?"


"It will heal tomorrow." Touga turned away, trying to hide the anger burning in his face. "Is Sesshomaru asleep?"


"Trisnover-san was with him until he heard the scuffle with you and that boy start." His mate responded flatly. "If you are refusing to be cleaned with your wounds, then come to bed. You of all the youkai in this place, need the most sleep."


"I will be with you shortly, koi." Touga came up and nipped at her ear, causing her to lean up and take his lips and brushing her smooth hand over his cheek.


She pulled away and wiped her cheek, "Your face is rather coated with blood. You will wash before getting into futon with me." She huffed, and stared behind him, like she was giving the room where the Inu was sleeping, a cold look. "Come, I don't want our son seeing you in such a way."


Slowly following his mate to their room, Touga felt a slow pounding on his head. It was not a physical pounding, nor a headache, but the three words that the Inu boy had said with pure disgust.


"I HATE YOU!" The three words sounded as if the boy had been betrayed, by someone he cared and looked up too.


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