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Brother's Keeper

by InuYashaReader

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, InuYasha, Romance

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InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

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Chapter 8, Scroll 8

Brother's Keeper

The next two days seemed like a drag for Aisuru. Wrap this wrap that, on the same spot every damn minute of the day. At least the boy stopped struggling and let Aisuru do her work.


When Aisuru entered just after the Daimyo-sama had left, she was met with a scene of intense pain. The boy had done more than just struggle, he had blown out cursed into a rage. His eyes were blood red, and he stared at her, showing anger, hurt, and most of all, a sense of betrayal.


Two days had passed, and the boy had said nothing. Either his pride was ruined, or he was just plain hating everyone that was around him. His name, InuYasha, had been passed around the castle, and everyone started to call him Inu-Baka. A good nickname for anyone, but Aisuru. She was the one who had to take care of him, and calling him that might only stir the anger that was buried under his skin.


She sat down next to InuYasha, and glanced around the room. It took two soldiers to get the room in order, and even then, it looked different. Aisuru looked into InuYasha's eyes, they were gold, and dull. And still silent. He was a rock, unmoving, not making a sound, not even a whimper of pain when she refreshed his bandages.


"Who was it that gave you your name InuYasha-san?" Aisuru asked. Personally, she just wanted to start a conversation with him, maybe even get to know him better, but he stayed silent.


"Many soldiers have been punished," Aisuru went on, "You're not the only Inu youkai who is feeling embarrassed or pitiful. My onii-san was punished for stealing food, and he was a wreck for a day, but he learned never to steal again. I hope you get over this brooding and learn yours."


Still no response, she looked at him in the eye, and he was actually giving her some eye contact. His eyebrow was slanted and he was giving her a glare, which probably meant something on the lines of 'Piss off'.


Grabbing his arm, she lifted it over his side, and began to unwind the bandages. Freeing all of them from his skin, she slowly licked her fingers and wiped them on the edge of the wound. He made a slight hiss, but still said nothing. He continued to glare at her, showing as much disgust as he could through his face.


As Aisuru started to unwrap fresh bandages, she jerked back when the boy sat up suddenly. His strange ears went back and Aisuru caught the scent of one of the twins, before he entered the room. The scent of both of them smelled so identical, she couldn't tell if it was Takaishizuka or Takaisubarashii.


"Takaishizuka-san?" Aisuru asked.




'I always get them wrong', Aisuru grumbled, shaking her head. She looked at InuYasha, who was giving Takaisubarashii a dirty look, and frowned.


"Lay back down, I wasn't done." Aisuru snapped.


"" Aisuru jerked back as if she had been shocked. She stared at the boy, his face planted in scowl that was drawn all over his face. No one talked like that! Not to a non-mated bitch, it was highly disregarded and looked down upon. She slapped him, hard, sending his body crashing back to the floor with such momentum, some blood spewed out his side from the wound.


"You disgusting foul male bastard!" Aisuru snapped and stood up with an furious huff. "If I ever here such talk like that from you again, I'll so much as cut your dick off!"


"Hey!" Takaisubarashii grabbed Aisuru by the shoulder and led her out, "I'll get this, go out and fix someone else wounds Aisuru-san." Aisuru left in a hurry, not wanting anything to do with the foul mouth, strange ear-ed boy any longer.


She turned the corner and glanced around to make sure nobody was watching, and slammed her fist into the wall. It was infuriating, it was revolting...Aisuru was having a hard time keeping her cool composure.


"Sick twisted cunning idiot!" Aisuru snapped, "I might as well tell the Daimyo-sama of his horrid talk and he'll get punished again, and then..."


"Why are you out here alone Aisuru?" Aisuru nearly jumped out of her skin, as she heard the Daimyo-sama's voice. She looked over to see the Daimyo-sama strolling over with his son, Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru clung tightly to his otou's hakama, muttering in his small voice.


"I..." Aisuru bowed, but remained silent, she was afraid she might blurt out something wrong.


"Is there another problem with the young solider?"


"I...yes, Daimyo-sama." Aisuru fidgeted.


"And that would be...?" The Daimyo-sama looked at her, trying to get eye contact.


"He's disrespectful." Aisuru spat. She didn't mean to sound foul, but she was internally, and extremely...pissed.


"I see." Aisuru noted the slight limp in the Daimyo-sama's leg, and held back her voice to ask him if she could examine it. She was training under her otou-sama to be in the clan's healers, and the sight of injury always kicked in her tenderness.


Sesshomaru glanced at her, and did what he always did to her, stuck out his tongue. That, was too, disrespectful, but the boy didn't know any better, InuYasha did. He was disrespectful just in spite of himself. He obviously wanted to cause damage in the clan.


"Sesshomaru, that is enough out of you." Touga said, noting his son's bad gesture.


"Sorry, otou-sama." Sesshomaru snuggled against his otou's leg, giving his best puppy eyes.


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you Daimyo-sama." Aisuru bowed, "My anger is burning through my veins. I was careless to let it out on you."


"You have the right to be angry, the boy obviously needs to be punished once more." Aisuru felt her veins suddenly turn to ice.


"I don't know..." Aisuru started, but the glare of the Daimyo-sama cut her off and she fell silent.


"I do not need your impute Aisuru, I will take care of it." Touga said.


"Daimyo-sama, there something about him, I haven't told you." Aisuru bowed.


"And that is...?"


"He said he was a rouge Inu youkai, living off the land. He doesn't know clan customs, and he obviously doesn't have a mate or has associated with females. I just think if I got to know him for a little longer, maybe I can manage to avoid another...punishment? With your permission of course Daimyo-sama, I think..." Aisuru realized what she was saying and immediately stopped. No one asked the Daimyo-sama for a favor, only the other Inu leaders of other clans and the Daimyo-sama's of the other lands.


"I see..." She looked up to see the Daimyo-sama's eyebrow a little cocked, as if he was confused. "Do you have feelings for this male?"


Aackk! Aisuru went bright red. She thought for a comeback for that, when she couldn't find one she felt defeated. She had no feelings for that...that, rat! She couldn't mate if she wanted to be a healer anyway, and mate with him? Aisuru was feeling a little nauseated.


"No..." Aisuru said as strong as she could, "I'm training to be a healer...and healers are forbidden to have a mate."


"I see." Touga said. Is that all he says? Aisuru grumbled, does he not have any feelings about this, or is he a cold wall?


"The clan leaders, have come, I will be bringing the young solider up in the conference, if you wish to talk on his behalf, be there tomorrow." The Daimyo-sama started off followed by Sesshomaru. "The punishment was not what I have already done to him, he needs a responsibility, and the most clear, he needs to learn patience and care." The Daimyo-sama stopped, and looked, "For once I am glad the Kami-Kodomo have stayed away from our foreign neighbors, they are smart indeed." With that he was gone, in the flash of darkness of the hallway.


Aisuru grumbled and sank to her knees, he had listened to her request, and yet, why did she say it? She didn't care about that stupid moron! She hated him, all she did was clean his wound three times a day and all he did was bitch about it.


Something tells me I don't want to know anything about him, Aisuru cursed, I bet both of his Inu Youkai parents were either non-mated, or his mother was raped. No respect taught to him, he was left for dead, left away from his parents...Aisuru felt pain hit her chest. If that was the case, she felt a little sorry for him, losing parents, no one to look up seemed like a horrid way of living.


She always needed her otou-sama the moment she was born, her mother had died giving birth to her, and there was no one else to turn to. The moment her mother died, her otou-sama immediately quit being a solider and became one of the healers, he was guilty he couldn't save his mate, so he chose not have any more mothers die and leave their child.


Aisuru sighed, as she walked back to InuYasha's room. Something told her, his story was going to be even harder to listen to then her own. Pulling the flap, she realized Takaisubarashii-san had left and InuYasha was sitting up, rubbing on of his ears. He gave her a cold look when she walked in.


"Going to cut my dick off or what?" He snapped.


"Please..." Aisuru slurred, "I have no interested in drawing more blood from your body, I'm trying to heal you, not make more injuries."


He just glared at her, his sense of humor was extremely cold, unless he was doing that on purpose. His posture was slumped, as if he had just gone without sleep for months, and looked like he hadn't bathed in years. She felt her nose wrinkle, he smelled, and that had to fixed at once.


"All right, you, go down and get in the springs." Aisuru snapped, "You smell like a disease."


"I'm not taking a bath." InuYasha snarled.


"Yes, you are."


"No, I'm not you fucking bitch."


Aisuru inwardly flinched at that word again. "Look, you're about to go in front of clan leader's and maybe even Daimyo-sama's of the Eastern, or Northern lands! You're getting a bath!"


"The hell..." InuYasha stood up and snarled, "I'm not going in front of anyone, especially that son of bitch of a Daimyo-sama!"


"Stop insulting him." Aisuru snapped.


"He insulted me, the hell I can say whatever the fuck I want about him!" InuYasha raged. Aisuru was slowly losing her cool.


"I just saved you sorry behind from being punished again, you might as well give me some gratitude!" Aisuru snapped, "Now grab that cloth, and get undressed, you're getting a bath!"


Before she had time to react, a large fist slammed into her face, sending her sprawling onto the ground. She gasped as blood ran down her face, and she returned to snarl at him, but InuYasha wasn't there. The window flap was open, he had fled.


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