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by NetherworldRose

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My spirit claimed the winds and the storm,
the ice and the flame.
All things earthy.
All things sacred.
Untamed emotions raging in a fragile vessel.

Constantly striving to keep the balance;
beaten up, shaken yet never undeterred, 
like a wild child under a spring rain,
defiant, I danced
swaying my body gracefully at
the relentless  dissonance of misfortune. 

With ruthless claws, betrayal clutched me along the road.
Dragged down to depths of infinite anguish, I withered. 
The stale flavor of defeat still lingering 
as my resolve faded into a faint wish of death.
Yet some divine fire within never relinquished
And soaring, I rose from the ashes of my shame.

Shattered, broken into pieces that will never fit together again;
little chunks of my old self tangled now in a new born me.
At times misled, 
I wander the muddled path of regret on unstable feet.
My strings strumming the melancholic accents of my imperfection;
so soothing a melody.  

Learning to live once again, making wrong choices, 
standing my grounds never the less. 
Steadily heading for that one day when I will walk proud again.
I will rise my chin to look up at clear skies, 
my vision no longer blurred with a veil of tears. 

I am a fortress now, 
hovering tall and strong over glistening shadows.
My soul may be marred,
bleeding from countless gashes.
Yet the goddess that lies within every woman's soul 
remains unscathed in me.
I grew a shell  around my self, 
thorns around my broken heart,
the beauty in me will be despoiled no more

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