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by foxdemon

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Another of his sites had been destroyed, and he was damn sure it was her again...

He walked among the ruins of a former Umbrella Corp. site, glass crunching under his boots as he moved with a purpose. Men were scanning the area for any survivors. He knew there wouldn't be, but even though he didn't value their lives one bit, believed them to be expendable, one less dead scientist would be nice. The more there were, the more likely the T-Virus would be perfected sooner.

As he headed up a flight of stairs with two men behind him, a walkie-talkie crackled to life, informing one of the men that the Security Sector was damaged but clear. But the most important part of the information passed on was the part where the man mentioned the security tapes still being intact. He seemed to quicken his pace, wanting to see who had done this even though he knew it had to have been her.

When he reached the Security Monitoring Station, the men there immediately began the playback, not wanting to receive his anger. An alarm played on the recording as people scurried, attempting to put safety protocol into effect. A few short moments after it began, it was clear who had wrought this havoc - Alice and her clones from the Nevada Site.

He became furious, but though he did not show it, his men knew by now to remain silent. All of a sudden, he ordered them to gather everyone and leave.

As he began walking out, he caught a glimpse of his fiery orange-red eyes in the reflective black wall and he stopped momentarily. This was just a reminder of what he already knew - he was a monster infected with the T-Virus, though not as successfully bonded with it as Alice. But he took pride in the fact that he was more than human.

He was a powerful monster, and he was going to return to his headquarters in Tokyo to wait for Her, to wait for Alice.

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