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Her Journey

by NegativeZero

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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The inner struggle to find something worth having and living for...

She's been laughing and smiling for all these years,
Just so no one else can see her tears,
She tries so hard to try not to fall,
But she stumbles, breaks, cries and crawls,
No one sees her lonely face,
She masks it with a smile in place,
But deep within her jokes and laugh,
Lies a soul on broken glass,
Hoping one day she'll be set free,
Wondering what was meant to be,
And when she finds him lets hope she stops,
To let it go for the years she has lost,
And while he listens he lifts her up,
To let her know that she is loved,
And there'll be hard times still ahead,
But they'll be together until the end.

© 2005 TimZ

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