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my pumpkin king

by Elion113

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Original Fiction

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A young girl lives in a pumpkin patch but what happen at midnight strange things happen in a town made up of jail cells young girls go missing. if you dont watch your back where would you be now?

"Wake up said the angery mother to her stupid son with a sleeping disorder." daim Fay just didnt know when to give up."Shut up you hag!"i pulled the blaket farther over my head then suddenly feeling a sharp pain shoot through my stomick i sat straght up and glared at Fay im going to get her one day. she just ignored my glare as she walked away and returned to makeing what she called braktfest what i call posin "i heard that you know you should never call a beautifull and wonderfull women like your mother a hag!" i rolled my eyes "Not my mom." i said as i sat at one end of the talbe someimes i wonder i why i even try Fay's cooking any more.Do i have a death wish maybe i should have made a run for it while i had the chance i looked at the door maybe i still could still but fays vocie inturruped my thoughts " i raised you didnt i?" i raised my eyebrow at her and narroud my eyes "is that what youve been trying to do'" even though i couldnt see her face i could tell she rolled her eye's. "come on i clothed you and tought you how to work money off people and  i feed you every day dont i?"

"yah i pretty sure the last one can count as child abuse." I looke out the window at the tall gray buildings looming over us like dark clouds that would never clear away or smoke that cant be put out the point is you cant touch it but its there and even though ive lived here all my life ive never once been in there from what i here no one has since the fire of the 11 but who cares about dumd old building any way. is it normal?

 whats normal is it really that strange its just a building isnt it. is it really there if you cant touch it?

"how would i know." Fay sat down my plait int frount of me"what was that?" "nothing...."a look of worry crossed her face she turned to grabe her coat." i'll be back late." i toke a bite of whatever it was that was on my plait and crindged it was way to bitter this had to be child abuse i dont care what she calls this but it  was horible."how late?" she glanced at me.

"...tomorow morning maybe." My eye followed her as she went out the door i waited un till i heard it click shut to through out whatever it was that my so called mother cooked up. Really was she trying to kill me.

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