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First date preparations

by charlierosetree

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Naruto feels the need to help Gaara get ready for a date.

A/N: A short oneshot I wrote a while back. Language warning and some sharp, pointy objects.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor any of the characters and I do not make any money from this. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.


It had taken a lot of convincing and some mild violence to get Gaara to relinquish the multitude of sharp and pointy metal objects now residing on the kitchen table, but Naruto had managed. Why the redhead thought it a good idea to go on a date better armed than a ninja on a mission was beyond Naruto, but he was not about to question his friends sanity. He still couldn’t remember the week before he’d made that mistake last time.


Proud of his accomplishment the blond turned to his friend. “That was the last of it, right? Please tell me you don’t have any more weapons on you, Gaara.”


Not bothering to answer the question Gaara looked at the small arsenal on his kitchen table with a frown on his face and a longing look in his eyes.


“I feel naked.” He said, fingering his now very light belt.


Giving a light sigh and sending a silent ‘thank you’ to whatever deity had helped him, Naruto grinned. “Yeah, well, suck it up. I’m not letting you go on a date with that shit on you.” He said, nodding in the direction of the pile on the table. “Seriously, you’re gonna freak your date out if she finds out you’re better armed than a fucking SWAT-team.”


“I don’t have to bring it all. I could just take a few throwing stars or senbons and a knife.” Gaara said, casting longing glances at his weapons. He wasn’t paranoid. It’s not paranoia if you know someone is out to get you, and Gaara knew… sort of. Ok, so maybe he was a little bit paranoid and slightly homicidal but that’s no reason to take away a man’s weapons, right?


Crossing his arms, Naruto positioned himself between Gaara and temptation. “No.”


“But-“ the redhead started before Naruto cut him off.


“NO! You don’t need that shit, Gaara. Especially not for a dinner and a movie with a teeny tiny girl.”


“I wouldn’t show them. She’d never have to know.” Gaara mumbled to himself.


“That’s not even the point.” Naruto exclaimed. “The point is you need to stop thinking everyone’s out to get you. I’m just amazed the cops haven’t busted you for it yet. And how you managed to get a date on top of that, what with the creepy, homicidal aura you walk around with, will forever be a mystery to me.” At the last comment Gaara sent him a nasty glare, but Naruto ignored it and continued his little speech. “I mean, the bad guys run the other way when you walk down the street. Hell, I’m pretty sure you could even scare some Yakuza.”


“Alright, alright. I get the point.”  Gaara grumbled, throwing one last longing look at the shiny metal before Naruto gathered it all up in a duffle bag, throwing it over his shoulder as they made their way towards the door. Gaara grabbed his keys and wallet on the way, stopping to turn on the alarm and locking the four locks on his front door before heading for the elevator.


 He really did feel naked without the comfortable weight of his weapons, but knowing Naruto he wasn’t going anywhere with them tonight without first beating the blond unconscious. And that was just too much of a hassle.


As they parted ways in the parking lot, Gaara let a small smirk grace his lips. Naruto may have managed to find most of his weapons, even the senbons hidden in the lining of his jacket, and make him give it all up but Gaara still had a knife hidden in each boot.


In Gaara’s opinion, two knives were basically the same as ‘no weapons’ so he still felt naked, but at least he wasn’t completely disarmed and emasculated. Now all he had to do was keep Naruto from finding out he had a habit of concealing knives in his boots and pray he’d hold off on the surprise raids long enough for Gaara to restock.


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