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Summon aftermath

by silverwindfara

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Just a short thing I wrote after seeing the Blade triology, Based on Blade 1 and another old fanfiction of mine

Summon aftermath

Lumps of blood and flesh had dried on the walls around him and the creature watched the mess with distaste before using his powers to put the lumps together into the man-shaped being it once had been.

It wasn’t an act of kindness, no not at all, the creature was furious. But he needed the boy, he was lost in this world and he needed a guide and who would do a better job than the stupid boy who had dared not only to summon him but to take him into himself believing that he would be strong enough to wield the power of a god.

It had been a fiasco, and what I fine mess, with emphasis on mess, the boy had gotten them both in. The creature remembered the feeling of his host’s blood starting to boil, blood vessels bursting, body swelling to grotesque proportions to finally explode, a firework of guts and hot blood.

At least the boy hadn’t turned to ashes, something the creature guessed he should be grateful for; it was in fact only the tiny grains of life that still existed in the bloody remains of the boy that held him in this world. If the boy died the creature would be forced to return to his eternal slumber. Blood was life even if it was dried and spattered, but not even the creature was sure that he could put together dead ash into something living at least not with the limited powers he had now.

The man-shaped being whimpered and lifted his head; Eyes, gray once more now that the creature’s influence had left him, met eyes like dark blood-pools. The gray ones filled with fear, shiny from unshed tears of agony, the blood read ones cold and filled with rage and disgust.

The boy whimpered again and words that sounded like a mix of prayers of worship, apologies with an occasional “please don’t kill me” came from his lips.

The creature refrained from pointing out that if he wanted the boy dead he wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of bringing him back in the first place, it wasn’t in his intentions to calm or comfort the boy. In fact if the boy was scared for his life that was a probably a good thing, it would teach him not to meddle with powers he couldn’t even begin to understand.

“Please don’t kill me”, the boy pleaded again, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…  I mean, I do anything, I’ll be your slave, just don’t kill me”. The creature smiled, it wasn’t a kind smile but it was rather amusing to see this coldhearted merciless sociopath beg for his life and cry like scared child.

However it quickly became tedious and he raised a deathly pale hand in a gesture of silence before he addressed the boy, his voice a low vibrant whisper. “A slave? Yes you will be my slave, you will take care of my needs, and you will be my guide in this world until the end of your pathetic existence.” Yes, the creature thought, a fitting punishment for summoning me.

As the boy grabbed his hand and kissed it submissively, the creature got a feeling that he might like it in this world after all. Maybe he even could make it his.

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