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F.O.L Ep 1:Love sick

by LunerFox

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After a fight with HP,Sanderson gets kicked put of pixie world for 24 hours. When he finds himself sick and without magic he finds comfort where he least expects it. rated M for strong language. This follows the same timeline As fairly Odd Life. R&R I hope ya'll enjoy

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Chapter 1, part 1: Exile

F.O.L Ep 1:Love sick

Chapter one: Exile

I don't own Fairly Odd Parents Or any characters from the show. I write this story for pure fun. I am in no way receiving ANY Money for it.NOT NOW,NOT EVER!
Sanderson stared at the clear blue sky. He might have enjoyed the sight if he wasn't feeling so bad. sighing sadly he remembered his fight with HP.

*Flash back Sanderson’s POV*

"Why the hell are you mad at me?" I snapped at HP glaring at him. We've been fighting a lot lately. It wasn’t natural for us.Usually we're in sync but lately... "Because” The sound of his voice brings me back from my thoughts.” you smiled.” I stared at him blankly.  This couldn’t be happening. Was he really punishing me for smiling? Noting my obvious confusion he clears his throat and clarifies. ”At the fairy Olympics yesterday. You smiled when we lost. Why?” Now it was HP who was glaring at me. “ We had just lost and you smile. Damn it Eddie, Your supposed to fucking be on my side.”  He was right. I did smile when we lost. I couldn’t help it. I was relieved. I’ve seen first hand how those cubicle boys we’re treated. I didn’t want that for my Timmy. Then a he wasn’t MY Timmy,was he?

“That Right. “ A voice came from the side of me. “ I turned and face the smirking blond haired pixie known as Anderson. HP”s one and only son. Gods I hated that guy. Seeing he had my attention he continued. “ Smiling at his disgrace like that. It’s a down right shame. “ I felt my fist clenched tightly. I grid my teeth as that bastard just grinned, enjoying my anger.  That smug little bastard. I was all his fault. Me and HP never fought until that little fucker showed up with that bitch of a mother of his. He stole him from me. He stole my..

“Why so angry Saaanderson ?” The sound of calling me Sanderson snaps my attention back to him. How I hate how he says that name.” Are you mad that the jig is up?” I don’t know what pissed me off more the text book monotone way he was saying this shit or the sickingly smug smirk on his face.” All that sucking up to MY father. “He continued” It was all lies. Truth is ,you don’t give a Damn about him. Do yo..”

“Anthony Richard Anderson, Shut the fuck up this instant!”

We  both turned to HP.I didn’t have to look at him to know he was just a shock as I was.  Not because HP didn’t  use the businessy style of address of calling of some by there last name. or the parental ,your so in deep shit, full name use. What freaked us out was that HP’s usual calm monotone voice was replaced by  a very angry rage filled one.  In that moment I almost felt sorry for Anderson, for he was the one HP was casting his frightful gaze on.

“This matter does not concern you.” his voice returned to it’s normal monotone nature but it still seemed bitterly cold.”Now shut up and butt out. And you..” He began turning his attention on my. I almost jump out my skin. “Your  here by banned from pixie world for the next 24 hours. “ Anderson started to smirk again,but a icy glance from HP quickly cut it short.”Give my your cell wand.” I sighed heavily and handed it to him.

To my surprise he turned to his son “Both of you.”  He demanded holding out a hand for Anderson’s wand. “W..w..what?” he stammered clutching his wand.  “Did I stutter?”was HP’s only reply. Anderson swallowed hard and handed over his cell. “You’ll get it back when Eddie returns.”  He growled snatching the cell from the trembling pixie’s hand.” Be thankful I’m not kicking you out of pixie world as well.Now get the hell out MY office! ” Needing no further encouragement  Anderson turn on is heels and bolted out the door.

Suddenly HP raised his own wand and with a Ping and a flash, I found my self in the middle of Dimsdale forest. HP’s last words to to me rang out in my head.”try not to caught by any demented  humans or stupid fairies.” I walked to a near by tree and noted my height.  “At least he made me adult human sized” I muttered to myself before breaking into a fit of coughing.  Sitting down at the at the base I leaned back against the tree. “Fuck,This is a fine time to get sick.” I thought to myself as I looked up at the clear blue sky.

*End Sanderson’s POV*

Sanderson pulled his knees to chest and rested his arms on top. He let out a low sad sigh “what am I gonna do now.” Sanderson thought to himself.” Havoc, where are you when I need you.”

Mean while at Wish Fixers-

HP flipped through his roll-a-dex.  “ Where the hell is it.” He murmured to himself as he searched.  Suddenly one of his workers opens his office door” Sir your wife called.” He began. HP looked up glaring dagger at the intruding pixie. Seeing his boss’s expression the pixie stopped midway though the door, Questioning whether or not he should go in.

As if answering him HP raised his wand and magically shoved the pixie out the room slamming the door in his wake. The Pixie stared at door wondering what he was going to tell Mrs.Anderson. One thing was sure. HP was pissed and he’d be damned if he was going to make the mistake of bothering him again.

“Found it. “ HP thought to himself as he quickly dialed the number. He stared absentmindedly at the card as he listed to the phone ring. “Hello?”  A tired sounding voice came on the line “Me and Eddie had a fight and I kicked him out of pixie world for 24 hour. “ HP spat out not wasting any time on pleasantries. “You did WHAT?!?” shouted the voice on the the other line clearly angry. “why the hel..” HP cut him off “yeah, yeah!  I’m a real bastard.” He didn’t have time for this shit. He was worried that Sanderson might sick. He didn’t look well at breakfast and he barely ate.

“Please just look after him.” HP continued softening he voice. “He’s In the  Dimsdale forest just past the park..”  There was a a short Pause on the line.”Fine, But ..”the voice started. “Good HP said quickly and hung up the phone.  HP sighed heavily and sat in his chair. “Now to call the old ball and chain or what I like call her the noose around my neck. “ HP waited a beat before sighing again. “Damn it  Eddie, it’s just not fun being snarky without you here to laugh at my corny jokes.” HP spoke a load in his usual monotone voice looking at the picture of Sanderson as a boy on his desk.

Mean while far away on the other line-

A dark figure growled under his breath as he listened to the dial tone. It was bad enough the Damn pixie cut him off he could have a least have the courtesy to let him finish what he had to say.  “He’s in Dimsdale forest ,just past the park, is hardly enough information the track down poor Thomas.” He thought to himself.

“Who was that sug?” a sweet ,sleepy voice came from behind him. Anti-Cosmo hung up the phone turned around to his still half sleep wife. “That was HP dearest.” he said,  with a smile trying to hide his anger.
Anti-wanda let out a yawn. “Lemme guess.”she started with another yawn.” HP an Eddie’s been quarreling again an eder Eddie left in a huff or HP kicked’em out. Eder ways you gotta haul yur cookies all over creation lookin for the dang pixie, Just sos you can make sure he doesn’t cut up by some crazy human or mauled by a group of fairies.”Anti-Wanda paused to let out another yawn. “An I right dumplin?”

Anti-Cosmo stared at his normally stupid wife with a look of shock etched across his face. “W..why yes, my ‘dim’ darling.”he sounded unsure when he uttered the word dim."How did you know?” Anti-Wanda shrugged. “Meh it’s be happenin a lot lately.”she stated simply as she raised her wand and changed anti-Cosmo out of his Pj's and into his normal clothes.”Besides HP looked plenty pissed when he smiled after we all lost to da fairies at the sport thingy yesterday.

“yes he did,didn’t he” Anti-Cosmo muttered absentmindedly as he adjusted he monocle and anti-poofed his hair straight.”well my dull-witted crumpet I’ll be off. “ “What time will you boys be back?” Anti-Wanda asked anti poofing up a towel next to herself. With any luck we’ll be back around 4:00pm. That annoying geezer didn’t give me allot of info to find him with.” “ok cozzie. I’ll keep yur lunch nice an warm for y’all.”  anti-Wanda replied beaming up at her husband. “Thank my dark angel.” Anti-Cosmo said he grabbed his own wand. After giving anti-Wanda a quick ,but loving kiss on the lips Anti-Cosmo anti poofed to earth to find his little pixie exile.

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