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Finding Triton

by cynfinnegan

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A child vanishes, leaving his birth parents to wonder. Twelve years later, when five teenaged boys suddenly appear in Harry and Ginny Potter's living room, they notice one looks familiar. Could Trowa Barton really be Harry and Ginny's long-lost son?

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Chapter 1, How to Save a Life

Finding Triton

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, or the characters from them. I'm just borrowing them. If I did, the Remastered version of the Gundam Wing series would have also been uncut and included the "Odds & Evens" episodes, and the HP movies would have been closer to the books.

Rated "M" for language.

Summary: One day, two-year-old Triton Bloom vanished when his foster parents' caravan was caught in the crossfire of an Alliance attack on a rebel group, leaving his birth parents to wonder his fate. Twelve years later, when five teenaged boys suddenly appear in Harry and Ginny Potter's living room, they notice one boy looks familiar. Could Trowa Barton really be Harry and Ginny's long-lost out-of-wedlock son?

Warning: This is NOT a slash or yaoi fic. It is a family/brotherly love story. If you're not into that, you don't have to read it.

Potterverse: slightly AU between Books Six and Seven and the end of DH.

GWverse: partly AU from "The Gundam They Call ZERO" on.

Gundam Wing © Sunrise. Harry Potter © J.K. Rowling. Used without permission and not for profit.


How to Save a Life

Near Dublin, Ireland, July 25th, AC 180

"You ready?" the bespectacled young man with tousled black hair and sad emerald green eyes asked his companion, a young and obviously unhappy redheaded woman holding a tiny infant with cinnamon colored hair to her breast.

Harry James Potter watched as the baby, a boy, nursed almost greedily, his bow-shaped pink mouth latched firmly onto his mother's nipple, his tiny, long fingered hands curling and uncurling against the warm, comforting mound.  It seemed to Harry that their three-day-old son, Triton Remus Potter, knew what was about to happen, and wanted to spend as much time with his mother, Ginevra Weasley, Ginny for short, as possible.

"No," Ginny replied glumly as little Triton stopped suckling and released her nipple, "but it can't be helped, can it?  As long as he's with us, he's in danger."

Ginny closed her blouse, then shifted baby Triton from her breast to her shoulder so she could burp him.  Singing softly, she rocked the baby, patting and rubbing his back until a soft "urp" escaped his lips, then laid Triton down on his blanket to change his diaper.

The baby's young parents took a moment to take yet another inventory of their son.  They saw a perfect child with fine hair the light, reddish brown color of cinnamon, ten fingers, ten toes, and obviously male. They also saw the other reason for the baby's name; a trident-shaped birthmark on his right hip.  After Ginny pinned on the diaper, Harry took a soft knit cap of baby blue and covered the top of Triton's head with it. Except for the shape of his cloudy blue eyes, Triton was his mother's child, and Ginny was sure that, when they changed color, his eyes would be the same emerald green as Harry's, instead of her own soft brown.

While Ginny had been frightened, Harry had actually been over the moon with joy when she told him of her pregnancy, which he'd called their "happy accident", until they both realized that Voldemort still wanted Harry dead and would most likely try to use Ginny and the baby as hostages, especially if he knew of the newborn boy's existence.  That was, if the Dark Tosser didn't just kill them outright.

Therefore, with that in mind, a heavy-hearted Harry and Ginny contacted Ginny's oldest brother, Bill Weasley, who contacted the Blooms, who said they would love to adopt the baby, but Milo and Sharon insisted that the adoption be open. After all, they wanted Triton to know who his real parents were and where he came from, and The Blooms were glad for the opportunity to adopt the son they desperately wanted.

Milo and Sharon Bloom were circus performers and old Muggle friends of Bill's from his days at Hogwarts.  They'd already had one child, a pretty, curly red-haired two-year-old daughter named Catherine, but they wanted to have a large family, and Cathy's birth had been difficult for Sharon.  The couple knew they couldn't risk having another child, so it seemed like a godsend when Bill asked them to take in his baby sister's baby, at least until Voldemort could be put down once and for all.

Her heart breaking, Ginny wrapped the swaddling on their son, and then brushed aside the tuft of soft, cinnamon colored baby fuzz that peeked out of his cap from his forehead and kissed his soft cheek.  As she carried him to his new family, she sang a tune that she knew Harry liked, but she couldn't remember for all of her the name of it or the group who sang it.

A few moments later, Ginny handed the infant to her ex-boyfriend, who first kissed his firstborn son on his forehead, then handed him to his uncle who, in turn, handed the baby to his new family.  The Blooms cooed over their new baby boy as Sharon took Triton into her arms and little Cathy already adored her new baby brother at first sight.  Harry handed Milo a Manila envelope with Triton's birth records, signed by one Poppy Pomfrey, inside.  Milo then got Sharon, Triton, and Cathy loaded into their caravan wagon and drove off, headed towards the city.

"We'll get him back, Gin," Harry had finally said, wrapping her in his arms and trying to give the weeping girl some bit of comfort. Harry felt the loss of their baby son as keenly as Ginny did, but with their lives in constant danger, what could they do but give him up for now?  "When all this is over, when the Dark Tosser's gone and there are no more Death Eaters on our tails, we'll get our Triton back.  I promise."


Author's Notes: The idea for this was simple: I'd seen plenty of Harry Potter/Gundam Wing fics which had Harry being either Trowa's younger brother, cousin, nephew or son, and I wondered "What if Trowa were the child, and Harry and Ginny were his parents?  What if he were born while they were still attending Hogwarts? And what if they gave him up to be adopted by Cathy's parents?".  This is the result.

The songs Ginny sings to Trowa/Triton (and that he remembers) are Ride!, by Pretty & Twisted, featuring vocals by Johnette Napolitano, lead singer for Concrete Blonde, and Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World. I chose them because they sound like lullabies.

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