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Moving On

by NegativeZero

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Lost in the storm of mai mind, / I see her standing there staring at me,...

Lost in the storm of mai mind,
I see her standing there staring at me,
Waitin and watching for the time I fall to mai knees,
I call to her but she does not hear mai cries,
She just stares and watches,
I call her again an the strom becomes more violent,
The thunder comes more constant now,
I turn away to cover mai eyes,
And I listen,
I hear silence,
When I look up shes gone,
And the sky has change back to blue,
I start to search for her,
I call her name,
I get up and begin walking again,
And something stops me,
I feel like someone is still watching me,
But I dare not look,
I stand there and call her name again,
Only the sound of wind comes to mai call,
I begin to walk again,
And I move forward,
Never looking back,
Never stopping to hear if she is following me,
Never agaain will I call her name,
Whatever comes I will welcome,
But until that time,
I will alwaise move forward.

© 2003 TimZ

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