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A Permanent Solution to a Temp

by flyingfordarkness

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Family at times can kill you.


A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem


Except when that temporary problem isn’t so temporary...family isn’t that temporary of a problem.  Family is forever, as is the issues that come with them.  Your parents will never change, the only way this problem is solved is unfortunately their passing.  Most parents are very stubborn and ill-tempered.  I’m sorry that isn’t at all true is it, that statement really only holds water for only my father.  A man who would rather yell and scream at you calling you all sorts of hurtful vocabulary then explain what it is that he wants out of you.  Drilling any self-confidence you may quite possibly posses and rips you to the bare bones of your character.  If your character isn’t strong you are in for a sad ending.  An ending which is only a matter of time for me. 

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