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The forest skies night

by misaki

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it about a forest about to be burnet down also about the skies night aswell

As the sunset falls into twilight,

The stars come out to shine and light,

The sky,


All the businesses get ready to burn down the jungle,

The people of the jungle moan,

As one of them says to the boss of the big business:

“You plan to burn down the jungle, but we’ve learned to use fire in small amounts. That’s right too much fire gives birth to nothing. Fire can reduce a forest to ashes in a day, while it takes the water and the wind 100 years to grow one anew. We prefer the ways of the water and the wind.


As the night falls to silent,

Animals are violent.

Fireflies fly high in the sky,

Time goes by.


Sunrise rise,

High in the skies,

People have lies,

People have died,

Time has to bid,

The tide,

Has to find,

As people lined,


Has to hide.

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