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Time Traveler Kronos

by asiramx

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Inherited the postion from his father, Kronos goes through differcult obstacles to prove himself worthy of a Time Traveler, But there is one person who will stop at nothing to ruin his reputation

Chapter 1

London, 1890’s

“It’s nice here, Kronos” Victoria said with a smile as she was looking at the Big Ben, “having a time-traveler as a brother has its advantages.

The blonde haired boy named Kronos returned her smile, his green eyes brightened at the compliment.

Kronos was wearing a sweater vest with gold buttons and black shorts, black goggles with green shades is placedon his head before he left to 19th century London, He has blonde whitish hair with dark green eyes his sister Victoria Has the same hair and eyes, her hair is longer reaching down to the back, she is wearing a black cotton dress with the same gold buttons as her brother, her dress was up to her knees and she carried a black and purple parasol that was secretly a weapon. If they were going to time-travel they had to fit in, so no one would be suspicious of them.

“We could have lived in the Big Ben, You know?” Victoria said, “It’s so beautiful, I wonder why our ancestors decided not to live in it”.

Kronos shrugged, “I think they would know if a bunch of people were living in the Big Ben.”

Victoria and Kronos started to walk away from the Big Ben, it was nighttime and the people of London were just about to head for bed, The Siblings have been everywhere in London, they saw a couple of children playing hopscotch earlier that morning and some kids were even playing Rounders or Feeders They asked Kronos and Victoria if they wanted to play, but the both of them refused.

“Well, Kronos. Are you coming? We spend enough time here. Shall we go home?” The Council might findout we left the clock tower.”

The Council. Oh god if they find out he went into the past they will surely scold him, there the ones who make sure Kronos has proper training, how they make sure he doesn’t mess up the timeline, they always pester him on what he should or should not do. Kronos hated to be told what to do, But the council has his best interest in heart and they do whatever they can to protect him. Except for one person, this one particular person who hates his guts, how he would berate him all the time--

“Kronos!” Victoria shouted bringing Kronos back into the real world.

“Oh yes! let’s get out of here.”

Kronos looked around to see if people were around; he sighed in relief when he didn’t see anybody around, He led his baby sister into an alley and opened a portal.

“Get in.”

Present day, 2060

Victoria immediately went into the portal and dragged her brother along and they are transportedback into the clock tower. where they live, the inside of their house was ticking, the home is furnishedwith a black leather couch and a coffee table, there is a wide screened television in front of the couch, The walls are painted in dark blue and black. A few family photos here and there the kitchen was huge, but Kronos never bothered to go in there, the children’s rooms were upstairs. A couple of maids appeared to tend to their children needs, they took off the children’s jackets and looked curiously at them, they never seen this type of fashion before.

Kronos sits in his chair exhausted from the trip; Time-Travel always exhausted him.

The next morning Kronos sleeps in but is woken up to a constant knocking at his door, Kronos grumbled throwing his blanket to the side; he put his hand on a pad next to the door which automatically opens the door.

“Yes?” Kronos asked half asleep.

A young man about Kronos age appears in front of him, he has dark black hair that is tiedin a velvet ribbon, his icy blue eyes staring at Kronos He is dressedin a guard's uniform that consists of a dark blue shirt and blue pants, the collar of his shirt sparkled in gold. He has two silver guns in a black belt at the side of his hips. He is one of the guards who guard the clock tower and Kronos’s personal bodyguard and friend.

“Master Kronos, The council would like to see you.”

Kronos blinked, “Under what grounds?”

The man shrugged, “They didn’t say...”

“Thank you James.”


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