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Moments Captured in Time

by animeluverqueen

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HGGL One-shot/Drabble series. There are moments in life that are truly spectacular, some...not so much. These are those moments in the lives of John Stewart, Shayera Hol, and their, at times, unconventional and unique family.

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Chapter 1, Halloween

Moments Captured in Time


A/N: So here we are. I don't know what I can promise with this. Hopefully it'll come out alright. Not all moments will be pleasant though some will, I can promise that.

Set pre- and post-Starcrossed and everything in between. Some future chapters may make some reference to Small Talk and Alien.

Shayera looked curiously at John as she was lying on her stomach on the bed, kicking her feet back and forth behind her in pure boredom. Her mask was discarded next to her.

"So what exactly is this Halloween that Flash mentioned?"

"It's a holiday."

"Oh is it like Christmas?" She asked as she started to smile. "Because I love Christmas."

"Shayera, I explained to you that not all holidays are like Christmas," He watched her mouth form a frown instead. "Halloween is when people dress up in costumes and go out trick-or-treating."

She scrunched her nose up, "What's trick-or-treating?"

"Well that's when they go door to door getting free candy." He explained.

"And these costumes these people wear, what do they dress up as exactly?" She questioned. So far none of this was making sense to her.

"Well someone might wear a Superman, Batman, or even a Joker costume." He then added. "Well they can dress up as anyone really."

Shayera turned over on her back, being extremely careful of her wings as she did so. She let her head hang off the edge of the bed as she looked up at him. "So let me get this straight, you can get dressed up as any person imaginable and get all the candy you want. What kind of stupid holiday is that? Where's all the gifts and celebration?"

"Halloween isn't about getting gifts or celebrating. It's just about having fun. Remember what I told you about Easter."

"Yeah a big, stupid rabbit leaves eggs real fascinating," She sarcastically muttered as she rolled her eyes. "Look John, I'm trying to understand all of these Earth holidays. Really I am. But I just can't fathom why you humans would get all dressed up to get candy while you could instead go to a dollar store and buy a ton of it."


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