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One Piece PETs: Getting a PET

by moonlitinuyasha1985

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Humor, One Piece

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Summary: Luffy decides to get a PET into his crew. Takes place post-timeskip. The PETs AU, as well as Nami's Booted Puss design belongs to TyrackWolfII of deviantART, who gave me permission to write my own version of PETs.rnMost of the characters in this fic belong to Eiichiro OdarnThe fic belongs to xfangheartx from deviantART & moonlitinuyasha1985.

One Piece PETs: Getting a PET
Chapter One: Decision
(I don't own One Piece. Eiichiro Oda does.)
It was another usual day on the Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hats were currently nearing an island, according to their talented navigator, Nami.
Luffy had just exited the Men's Quarters, heading to the deck.
Nami's ears twitched when she heard him approaching, and turned around to see him.
"Ah! Hello, Nami!" Luffy spoke in his language.
"Why, hello there, my dear captain~." Nami said in his language, in a rather seductive tone of voice.
(A/N: They're speaking Portuguese, in case any of you are wondering.)
Nami then walked up to Luffy and started to kiss his neck.
He was really enjoying the feeling of her lips against his skin.
'Damn, this feels so good.' he thought. 'WAIT! I can't forget about what I'm supposed to do!'
He gently pushed Nami off of him, saying, "Sorry, Nami! We'll continue this later!"
He ran to the deck, leaving Nami very confused.
"O...kay," Nami muttered.
Once Luffy was on deck, he called everyone to come over.
"HEY, EVERYBODY! GET OUT HERE!!" he shouted.
Everyone had assembled on to the deck.
"What is it this time, Luffy?" Zoro asked.
"Everyone, I have an important announcement!" Luffy said. "We're getting a PET!"
The other Straw Hats were surprised by this.
"Luffy, are you sure about this?" Robin asked out of concern.
"Yeah, PETs are crazy expensive!" said Nami.
"Yeah, I know," Luffy said, "but...I just thought it'd be fun to have one!"
"Luffy-san, a PET is not something you can get on a whim," Brook explained. "a PET is a huge responsibility."
"He's right, Luffy," Nami said.
"Why exactly would you want a PET in the crew, anyway?" Sanji asked.
Luffy brushed the back of his head and said, "We could benefit greatly from having a PET,"
"Benefit, how?" asked Zoro.
"Well," Luffy said, "for starters, we get a lot of exercise when we play with a PET!"
"Luffy, honey, PETs and normal pets aren't the same thing." explained Nami.
"Oh," Luffy said. "Uh...well, we could use some extra help around the ship!"
"What kind of extra help?" Franky asked.
"Say we had some treasure leftover," Luffy said.
Nami's ears perked up when she heard this.
"Go on." she said.
"Well, what if we all leave the ship, and there was no one to guard it?" Luffy asked. "I mean, yeah, Zoro could do it, but he's too lazy."
"Yeah, I'm too--WAIT A MINUTE!" Zoro snapped.
Sanji snickered at this.
"So I thought we could use someone to guard the ship for us!" Luffy said.
"That does sound like a good idea," said Usopp.
"Also, our new PET could help us clean up in case things get messy!" Luffy said. "Like how Usopp makes a mess sometimes!"
"HEY!" Usopp shouted.
Nami and Robin couldn't help but giggle.
"What do you guys think?" Luffy asked.
The rest of the Straw Hats looked at each other, then back at Luffy.
"All right, let's do it." Nami said.
"Yay!" Luffy cheered. "So, it's settled. We're getting a PET!"

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