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Guide To Starting Animal Jam

by FrozenFallz

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Sorry! I was cut off when I was saying get with a buddy. Lets continue. Tell them you have a surprise for them (MUST BE A NON MEMBER BUDDY) and that you don't want to send them it because they can't open it. Tell them to accept the trade they get with their eyes closed. Offer for something that seems cool, etc. If they follow what you say and accept, unbuddy them and run away! You just got a good item. Put it on trade and if they find you and tell ya to give it back, say they have to trade good! >:3

Welcome to First of all, make an account. DO NOT skip the tutorial, only skip the story unless you are interested. Hang in there, listen to the tutorial now. To pass the time, yell SHUT UP LIZA and run in circles until it is time to customise. Now, choose your look. You cannot buy anything yet for you are in the tutorial. Once you are happy with your look, press the BLUE X. Not the red or clear or white one! (X colors depend on computer).

Now you are ready. Let Liza give you gems then GET OUTTA THERE! Press the big blue button that says SKIP! Now with your account created, you will appear in a crowd. You WILL feel like you are squished and uncomfortable but don't worry! With this tutorial you won't get trampled and learn to HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH! Go to your den. Usually nobody will be there, but if there is someone there, tell them to leave nicely. If they refuse, lock your den and tell them to come to (Insert Place Here) for free rares. Usually the dude will go, and if not go there. The person should be gone unless they are AFK (Away From Keyboard). Now with a locked den, NOBODY can come in! Only your buddies can get in now. You can go here whenever you are sad, etc. Perfect place! Now with your den locked and you are alone, open your den inventory. You should have a rug and a table. Put them on your trade. If someone wants to trade you, they can offer. But until you are done reading, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OFFERS unless they seem cool to you. Now, go play a game that gives you good amounts of gems with little effort, like Best Dressed, located in Sol Arcade and Coral Canyons. Earn up to 2,000 gems FROM THE GAME. Your starting bonus does not count! Now you have 3,000 gems in total. It is okay to have more than 3,000. Buy some clothes. Go for the hat and the back and the leg items. DO NOT buy a silver glove or any glove just yet. Think of it as a shopping spree, and only spend 1,000 gems. It is okay to spend a bit over. Now, you must spend another 1,000 on stuff to make your den look nice. You need to 1,000 that is left. Now, go to any Claw game. Win about 15 plushies (20 is better). Now you should not of spent too many gems on that. You should have around 700 still. Now, go to your den and put the plushies around the house along with the bought furniture. Now to unlock your den. Accept any buddy requests of GOOD and RARE people. Accepting noobs won't help. If you request experienced people, and become good friends with them, you might be able to get something FREE off of them (And it might be good!). Now, go out there and shout STORE MY DEN! HARDLY ANYTHING IS GOOD SO YEA.

Saying that tells people truth and tells noobs to come. (Some experienced). Now go to your den after 3 minutes of advertising. Hopefully you will have customers to buy your stuff. Ask them what they want- if 2 people want 1 thing, break up the fight and tell one to choose something else. If they do not obey, block them and tell them they are banned from the store. they should leave. Now, go back to your customers. Do NOT ask them their offer- It is a bit tricky for some people to have a offer ready. Ask people what they want and put the items on your Trade List. Tell them to offer. They will send a trade and it is up to you to accept it. Only accept Non-Member items. If the member item is a rare monday, accept it. You need it. Now once all customers have been taken care of, look at your items. Keep doing this until you feel ready to hit the road. Now, at the road, you need to say TRADE ME or I AM TRADING STUFF!. That should attract attention. Only accept good items. Bad trades are no good! Do NOT accept any trades out of pity.  Now with your items, get with a buddy.

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