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The Three Days of Valentine

by NegativeZero

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There were once two people who had just met two days before Valentine's Day...

There were once two people who had just met two days before Valentine's Day. They fell in love at first sight. On the first day for his Valentine he serenaded her and gave her his heart. On the second day of Valentine, just before Valentine's Day, he gave her a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars. At that moment they confessed their love for each other. The gurl had some kind of sadness in her eyes. He asked her what was wrong but all she said was just hold me and tell me that you love me, and he did with every ounce of love he had within his heart...he told her of how much he loved her. The third day, Valentine's Day, he went to see her at her house only to find her clinging to what was left of her lyfe. The boy was sad and he rushed to her bedside and held her hand. He said "Baby, why didn't you tell me." The gurl just looked at him and said, "... because you loved me." He sat there looking in her eyes knowing that she was going soon. Tears began to fall from his eyes and she wiped them off and said that she will alwaise love him and will be waiting on the other side. As her last ounce of lyfe slipped from her body she said, "I love you mai Valentine." The boy held her in his arms and from his pocket, he pulled out the ring that was meant for her and her alone. He put it on her finger and said, "I love you too mai Valentine." And then he faded away into what looked like a dream where a bright light was blinding his eyes. He saw a figure coming towards him and as he looked closer he found out that it was his Valentine and on her finger was the ring. She looked at him and told him that because their love for each other was so strong, it brought them together. The boy smiled and told her, "We now have found forever and it is here is where I will alwaise love you mai Valentine...mai love..."

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