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thirty thousand pennies

by divBy0

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I've recently started a Patreon account, looking for a little help to keep my words alive. To actually reach 30,000 pennies is highly doubtful and would be very unexpected, but I think it's good to put that number out there. Find it at

thirty thousand pennies
could turn my life around,
give me something to hold onto,
not flounder without a sound.

thirty thousand pennies
from thirty thousand friends...
I could hone my magic,
and finally contend.

thirty thousand pennies,
once every week...
I can live on that little money
never even blink.

those thirty thousand pennies--
better than the thirty-five
that I earn in retail
just to stay alive.

thirty thousand pennies:
so cheap is my soul.
drop your copper in the bucket
and I'll make sure you feel whole.

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