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Blood for my Muses: Poetry

by Cardinalis

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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Words offered in place of blood to my gods. Many of these tie in directly to my forthcoming series, Talystasia: A Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups (Volume I). Chapter I in that series is posted here: .

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Chapter 1, Untitled I

Blood for my Muses: Poetry
My words are shattering glass
Smashed beneath the weight of my grief.
A flickering flame,
I have to keep it safe
But I won't whisper your name,
Not when I should shout it.
But even in this fumbling silence
Sometimes I catch the scent of you
Burning in my veins
Souls, you say, are their own coordinates.
You are the binary star I navigate by,
Even when I'm blind in the dark,
So the when doesn't matter
Or the where or the how,

Because I know I'm coming home
The long way around.


(With a nod to Doctor Who)
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