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Heart and Seoul

by UndeadXxXPanda

Libraries: Drama, General, Misc Fanfiction (other), Romance

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Everything changes for Camille when she gets accepted to study abroad in South Korea for Photography at a very prestigious Libral Arts School. And of course it wont be easy being a black woman in a foreign country where eyes are constantly on you and rumers are constantly spreading. And When Teuk Lee, a mysterious quiet guy offers to help her out on her portfolio a Camille then learns more and more about him and learns bigger things outside of school.

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Chapter 1, Accepted

Heart and Seoul


My family surrounded me as I slowly opened the cream colored envelope from Seoul College of Art and Design anticipating what we would find inside. It took so many months for the letter to finally come in after submitting to much paperwork and passport information an now; the time has finally came to decide if I could go to study abroad.
My mom shook my shoulder getting frustrated of my slowness; this envelope looked pretty expensive so I didn’t want to just tear it up.
                “C’mon honey, we can’t wait all day!” whined my dad.
                “Relax, I’m about to open it now!” I told him.
                When I lifted the lid up I pulled out another cream expensive looking paper. I took a deep breath and slowly unfolded it, “Ok, here we go ,” I said “Dear Camille Tates, thank you for submitting all the required documents, after reading and reviewing your profile we would like…” my eyes suddenly grew wide, ”TO WELCOME AND ACCEPT YOU TO SEOUL COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN!! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I’M ACCEPTED!” I cried with joy.
                Both my parents nearly fainted and cried with joy, “My baby’s going to Korea!” my mother shouted with tears of joy. "I must call EVERYONE"
                “You’re going to be up with those really smart kids to!” my dad said, “You’ll be the First member of our family to study abroad,”
                I just smiled and shook my head, overjoyed that I got into my ultimate dream college, “I gotta call Crystal!” I cried running to my bedroom.
                A sat on my bed excitedly waiting for her to pick up. it seemed like it was taking FOREVER.
                “Hullo?” she finally picked up
                i couldnt hold it in i had to shout, “GUESS WHAAAAAAT,????”
                “I got into SCAD!!”
                “Wait, you mean Savanna College?”
                “Noooo! Seoul! As in Seoul KOREA!”
                Then it got real quiet on the other line and i was confused. “Crystal????”
                “GIRL SO DID I!!!!” she blurted suddenly.
                “NU UH!”
                “YES HUH!!”
               i nearly fell off my bed, “OH MY FUCKING GOD! WE’RE GOING TO KOREA TOGETHOR!!!”            
                We both screamed into our phones with joy, I couldn’t believe it. Not only am I going to my dream school, I’ll be there with my best friend as well!
                I had to freaking dreaming.
Nope this was REAL.
Oh. my. god.
After I got off the phone I went back downstairs, both my parents were still dancing, “So when do you leave??” they asked.
                I looked at the letter again, my eyes got wide, “whoa they said I should start my flight TOMORROW!”
                My mom almost fainted, “Another country wants to take my daughter so soon!”
                “Guess you better get those bags packed babygirl,” my dad said.
                Didn’t have to tell me twice, I ran back into my room and started stuffing as much as I could.
                I still couldn’t believe it, I’m going to study abroad…in KOREA, a very beautiful country! I sat on my bed and looked around…This was my last night in Savanna Georgia, it’s crazy how one letter is moving me out of the states. a dream i always wanted.
                Minutes later my mom came into my room.
                “You’re really leaving America huh…” she said softly, “I’m so proud of you girl!”
                Even though they looked happy I could tell my parents were going to miss me a LOT.
                “Yeahh,” I sighed, then smiled. “But ya know I’ll have Crystal along with me,”
                “She got in to?!” my mom cried, “oh my god, I am so happy for ya’ll you just don’t know! You know I always wanted to fly out the states, I didn’t care where…just anywhere!”
                “Well, maybe I can invite you to Korea one day,” I smiled.
                She gave me a hug and a kiss, “I love you so much, and I’m going to miss you even more!” she hugged me tighter then got up, “Well I’ll let you pack…I’ll wake you up around 4 AM, so get some sleep girl!”
                I laughed, “Yes Ma’am,”
                I bagged up what little I could bag and sat everything by the door for tomorrow morning.
Wow, stuff is moving so fast now… it seemed like yesterday I filled the application out.
Tomorrow is when my life begins.

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