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Buddy, Superior Race member

by MissJenRose

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A short story I wrote about my cat from his perspective to try and break my writer's block about half a year ago.

“I don’t know what to write about the Buddy!” The female had cried out, done a strange, yet common, flail-dance while running around. I thought she was insane, which wasn’t out of the ordinary. She had flail-run out of the room, then back again and sat next to me.


I gave her a blank face. She fell back on her rump, then lunged forward onto her belly and hugged me. She buried her face in my fur and rubbed my side. This went on for minutes before she finally rolled away, when I had begun to thrash my tail around. She went to my second favorite spot, sat, stared at the strange Light Box and began to rapidly make tapping sounds. It annoyed me, so I turned my back to her. They were strange creatures.


Me? They refer to me as Buddy, but my true name cannot be properly said in their clumsy language that I’ve come to understand the basics off. I am a member of the Superior Race. They refer to us as “Cats”. We are strong, fast, covered in protective fur, and the best hunters ever. They are much, much larger than us, and so we must manipulate them with our “cuteness” to do our bidding. She has been my slave for as long as I can remember; She feeds me, grooms me and rains affection on me. She is a decent slave, but doesn’t always meet my expectations. When she fails, I’m not afraid to yell at her.


Recently, we have changed locations and I’ve gained another slave, a male. I had met him before, on occasion, when she would bring him to my domain. He was nervous and very petulant towards my demands. I could smell his fear when I stuck out my claws at him. Eventually, however, he became much more accommodating and willing to rain affection on me. Now the three of us are in a new, larger domain. We’ve been here a while, so I shouldn’t call it “new” anymore, I suppose.


I am satisfied with it. They are keeping one area blocked off, with what used to be my favorite spot inside and covered with things I don’t recognize. Traitorous. They do, however, continue to treat me as the Superior Being that I am and so I am satisfied, as I have a new favorite spot and there are old spots as well as new.


She is still staring at one of the Light Boxes making tapping sounds, while he is in the blocked off area. A second, larger, Light Box making noise is on, but no one is paying attention to it. I get up, stretch and head towards one of the water rooms. I jump onto their strange litter box, then onto the surface next to it, which holds a water dispenser. I cannot activate it myself. That’s what makes them so useful, their paws are larger and capable of more complex motions than ours. I begin to yell, waiting for one of them to come and make the water come out. I hear the tapping stop and the female comes in, turns a knob, and the water begins.


When I’m done, I jump off the surface, ignoring the water still coming out and head back to the center room of my domain. Instead of lying on the ground, I jump up onto my favorite spot, directly across from the Noisy Light Box and lay down. I watch the female for a while before I eventually drift off to one of my many naps of the day.

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