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Zoe - the last member alive

by Snowfall

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Original Fiction

Published on / 26 Chapter(s) / 2 Review(s)

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, three littler wolves were born. Two boys and one girl. The oldest boy was Nicolas. The younger boy was Sam. The girl's name was Zoe. They were the wolf princes and princess.

Chapter 1

Many years have gone, and the wolves in The Pack has lived peacefully. But this should soon get to and end. The day Zoe got six years old, should be the day The War begun.

"Wreck" the sound of someone breaking someones neck fills the silence in the forest.

"It has begun!" someone yells trough the area. "It has be..." Suddenly, the sentence gets cut off with a heartbreaking whine. And then the whine stops. He is dead. Killed. By them. By The Pack Of The Moon. By the evil pack.

"Run! Run and hide! Dont let them find you! Or you will get killed! Run!" someone shouts out loud.

Zoe opened her eyes. It felt so real! It was real. But long ago. Many years ago. That was the day she filled six. Now she was eightteen. But she still has nightmares of that day. The day when her entire family got killed. The day when the entire pack got killed. She was the last member alive.

And she had to live as a human. She could still change into wolf, but had to stay as a human. Or she would get killed.

What was that? A sound of someone walking towards her. Strange. No one cared about her. She was totally alone.

There it was again! Closer this time. Zoe walked straight towards the sound. Careful. Soundless.

What is this! Another wolf? It can't be!

"Hey!" she says. "Who are you?"

The other wolf stared at her.

"I-I am Toboe." he suddenly manages to say. "I've never seen a wolf other than myself. Who are you?"

"I am Zoe." Zoe answered.

Then Zoe jumped up high and jumped from building to building until she got up on the roof of one of the buildings.

She didn't actually see where she was going. Suddenly, someone yelled "Stop!" and took her arm so she couldn't go as much as a step forward. And good was that. She was at the edge of the roof. If no one had done something, she would've been falling down from the roof after one more step.

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