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Lolita: Sesshomaru and Rin

by lalaone

Libraries: Angst, InuYasha

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Sesshomaru fell in love with Kagura when they were both children; since she died, he's been obsessed with the type of girl that he remembered her as-a "nymphet". He tries to rid himself of his addiction but one "nymphet" came along and made it impossible: Rin.

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Chapter 1, Foreword

For those of you familiar with this classic...

Sesshomaru-Humbert Humbert

Rin-Dolores "Lolita" Haze

Naraku-Clare Quilty

Sara-Charlotte Haze

Kagura-Annabel Leigh


Sango-Jean Farlow

Miroku-John Farlow

Kohaku-Dick Schiller



Jaken-Gaston Grodin

Kaede-Mrs. Pratt

Onigumo-Ivor Quilty


Yura-Shirley Holmes



Abi-Vivian Darkbloom

Totosai-John (Jack) Windmuller

Myoga-Frederick Beale, Jr.

Yes, I am writing Sesshomaru/Rin. However, this one will not be like the others. This one will be a much more accurate representation of what such relationships really are. There are several ways of writing a romantic Sessh/Rin story and this is my version of it.

Several characters will be OOC; in order for anything remotely close to this pairing to happen realistically, it's required. I encourage each and every one of you to think about your own experiences regarding the topics this fic will address. I myself will reveal some things about me that you might not want to know. Be ready.

Sit back and brace yourself.


You will see me address messages I've gotten before. I've been flamed before not for this, but for other fics, and I'm always attacked for my beliefs in general. Also other people who think the same way do often get attacked. That is what I'm addressing.

I'm aware that most people who read this genre do so for healing (re-writing a situation that was violent for them as something that is not can have a sense of healing), and are young girls-that is why my A/Ns are addressed to the VICTIMS, and the young girls who read these and see no problem and go around thinking that it's really okay, and leave themselves wide open and vulnerable. That is what most worries me-I'm aware that most people on this site are young females, and so many of them see zero problem with things that are happening in these fics, and I've even heard some of them say that they WISH someone would come and do that with them and a "boyfriend like that would be so cool".

Also, there actually are a few real pedophiles that read these-I've spoken to a few of them that DO really get off on lolicon fics, and they use that to justify their actions, saying that as long as they're not being violent it is okay.

It is not an "attack" on a lolicon genre, but a deconstruction-a genre of fiction that takes another popular genre and adds a dose of realism to it, like Evangelion did for humongous mecha anime and Narutaru did for the pet-monster genre.

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