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April Anthology, 2013

by Firiel

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NaPoWriMo poetry challenge --- This was basically the month-long equivalent of a poetry journal - some creative ideas, some random whimsy, and quite a bit of trying to work through religious frustrations.

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Chapter 1, Funhouse Soul

April Anthology, 2013

“To those on the outside,

All things come in parables.”

So tell me, when did you first begin to hide

Your heart from me, so lion-strong and terrible?

Is it the curse of the faithless,

That the mirror is so warped and skewed?

If I suspended disbelief, would you bless

Me once again with your truth?

I swear, I did not mean

To turn away, to fall,

Or into some darkened pit to lean.

Yet, after all, I find it makes so little sense—

The gift I would have bought with your six pence.

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