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Raising your beloved

by aliatogtaurus

Libraries: Fantasy, Original Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi

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Vincent, a vampire, tries to raise his young mate Shelly.

Chapter 1

PING! PING! PING!'Argh! stupid alarm die!' with that thought I send a fireball hurtling towards the annoying running device. I got them hoping they could avoid being destroyed, but that's the 16th one this month.'I hate mornings' I tell Andrew, my inner vampire. All vampires turned or born have one, they have them as a companion and advisor. Vampires also have an element they control, I control fire which is very deadly and hard to control making it rearer. The most common is air, with water coming in second and earth as third. He just chuckles and does whatever he does.I slowly drag myself out of bed and head to the bathroom, I take a quick shower, shave off the stubble that was starting to form, dry myself off and throw on a white muscle shirt and blue jeans.'Today lets try looking in coffee shops, shelters and hospitals.' I tell Andrew, the first time I came to London I just wandered the streets hoping to bump into her, after that I tried going to concerts or large gatherings. I then entered large corporate firms or supermarkets. I follow the same routine in every area I visit.From what I know when finding your beloved there is a special static that leads to your beloved, it doesn't hurt or anything, it is quite pleasurable or so I have heard.I head down stairs to my high tech kitchen, all this is for my beloved, I always wanted to live in London so I built a two storey house with all the latest tech and gadgets. There is a conduction stove, only producing heat when in contact with metal even when on, an automatic cutter, that can differentiate between human tissue and animal meat and shuts off immedietly when a human gets too close to the blades and my personal favourite the blood purifior, which as the name suggests gets rid of any unwanted substances in blood even microorganisms. Vampires eat human food as well as drink blood, it's illegal to drink from humans in case they are someone's beloved so we all get our blood from blood banks.I open up the fridge and take a bag of blood, which was already run through the purifior. I whip up a breakfast of pancakes drizzled with blood with a side of blood tea. After finishing my breakfast, I head to the garage which houses 12 cars from models like Lexus to Lamborghini to Ford mustang.My favorite is the Ford mustang blue sports car, due to technological advances cars run on special fuel which produces oxygen as a waste product. Wheels were replaces by special boosters that allow cars to hover back in the 24th century.I worked with the government secret service for ten years, which explains all the cars and the house, to this day I'm still paid in the event I'm needed and so that the secrets I know are not sold to enemy organisations.I grab my keys from the safe and get into the Ford. I drive off just watching trees go by for a while, I live in the forest on the outskirts of the city, many of the smaller cities were taken down and the residents fully reimbursed and relocated to special areas with houses already built. All this was a result of supernaturals getting into the government, they were more worried with the planet than anything else.Forests were planted surrounding every city, both to help the environment and house the supernaturals that favoured nature to the cities.I finally reach the town, I park the car and started walking to my listed destinations. After searching every shelter and hospital in the area, I start with the orphanges. So far nothing, the last orphanage is one I recently came to know of, I'm hoping she either works there or maybe is one of those grown children that were never adopted.As I near the door of the orphanage I feel my vamp stire. 'Andrew you OK?' I ask him.'Yes I just feel her, and she definitely does not work here she is a child here.' Andrew says all excited.'OK so I can just tell the director I'm adopting a girl.' I say and he just simply nods too caught up in trying to imagine what our beloved looks like. As vampires near their beloveds they are able to get a slight picture of how they look.I knock on the door and wait a few seconds before I'm greeted by a woman in her early 20s wearing an outfit that could put a hooker to shame.'Are we in the right place?' I think to myself while re-reading the sign.'I'm not too sure.' Andrew replies, completely repulsed by the woman who was now pushing up her breast, trying to look seductive but failing miserably."Is this the Second Chance orphanage?" I ask the woman politely, trying not to sound too repulsed."Yes this is it, what can I do for you handsome." She replies flirtatiously."Well I would like to adopt a child, can I come in?" I ask, annoyed by her behavior."You know you can take me home anytime you want." She tells me."I'm sorry but I really do want to come in and adopt a child." I say with a hint of anger in my voice.My tone seemed to have made her realize that I was not interested. She then leads me into an office, with a middle aged woman behind the desk."Mom, there's a guy here looking to adopt a child." She shouts over to the woman."Hello young man, I'm Sera Hinno, the headmisstress of this fine establishment how can I help you in finding the perfect little child?" The woman asks kindly, with no hint of false presentation in her character or words.'I think her child was dropped on the head at birth, she is so different from her mother.' Andrew tells me with a hint of amusement from the whole mother-daughter situation.'Dropped pretty hard.' I chuckle. Trying to see any resemblance to confirm their relation. Surprisingly they share quite a bit of the same features. They both have a heart shaped face with prominant cheekbones and grey eyes. Although, the daughter's face is caked with make up making her look like a clown in my opinion. Her mother seemed to have aged gracefully and no make up to be seen. "Hello ma'am, I was hoping to look around, get to meet some of the children and hopefully adopt one of them." I answer back politely."Why that's a brilliant idea, they should all be in the playroom. It's just across the hall, I hope you find who you're looking for." She says with a bright smile."Thank you ma'am." I say heading out.I then start heading to the location of the playroom. Surprisingly the walls are clean from any drawings and no toys litter the floors like the five other orphanages I visited. As I near the door I can feel the static.I quickly open the door and I'm overwhelmed with all the noise.

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