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The Last Halloween?

by DragonAceSg7

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Summary: High school kids Phil and Melinda spend a Halloween together and wonder what the future of the holiday will be like for them once they graduate.

The Last Halloween?

Author’s Note: this is pure fluff, takes place in modern times for them being kids and superheroes are restricted to comic books.  Lemme know what you guys think, feedback is welcome
(yes the ? is part of the title, sorry it’s late!)


ps god damn it, forgot Tumblr eats all my formatting (why is underlining not an option for rich text editor?)

Happy Halloween!
Hope you’re all enjoying some scary tricks and sweet treats tonight.
I will be watching a classic parody of a classic horror staple,
Young Frankenstein.
I will be joined, as usual, by my artist, Captain Kirby.
He did a tribute recently to Marvel Zombies.
You can take a peek at it out on his DA page.
Not up for passing out candy?
Check out my video review of “Silent Hill: Homecoming”.
Yup, that was the poll winner.
Yes, doesn’t fully fit in the SH mythos but hey, it’s terrifying at points.
Link to my full thoughts on the sidebar.
Have fun tonight, be safe and remember
-”The fear of blood tends to create fear of the flesh”.
-May Ripley


Melinda Qiaolian May double checked her spelling then hit ‘post’.  She smiled as her update hit her 'horror things blog’, Spooky Thoughts, then clicked the button to put her computer into sleep mode.

She went to her DVD shelves and dug out the movie she’d mentioned, having to slide over the small figurine of her online last namesake, Ellen Ripley, the hero of the Alien franchise.

As she bounded down the stairs, the senior went to the kitchen to make some popcorn.  

There was a knock on the front door followed by it opening with fellow senior Phil Coulson popping his head in, “May? You here?”

“Of course I am, Kirby,” Melinda teased from the kitchen as she looked for a big enough bowl.

The bowl they normally used for popcorn was next to Phil on the table by the door.  That he was currently sticking his hand in to steal some chocolate.

“That’s for the kids, come help me,” May called.

Phil pouted, “how does she always do that?”

He set his bag by the couch then hurried into the kitchen, smelling the popcorn in the microwave.

Phil watched Melinda digging in cabinets, blushing a little as she had to bend over and she was in only black leggings and a very big t-shirt that almost went to her knees.

“Stop looking at my ass, Coulson and help me,” May called out.

Phil’s cheeks turned candy apple red as he cleared his throat and hurried over.

Melinda almost giggled as she straightened, her very ancient ghost shirt, that used to glow in the dark, sliding off her shoulder a little.

May frowned a bit, “really, a Cap shirt?!”

“What?” Phil looked down at his shirt with his hero’s head on it.

“Phil, it’s Halloween, you don’t have anything scary to wear?” May crossed her arms.

“Hey, my shirt with my math homework on it is in the wash,” Phil grinned.

May couldn’t hold back a snicker.  She gave his shoulder a shove and moved to get the popcorn now that the microwave was beeping, “find me a bowl.”

“Okay,” Phil started looking around in her place, trying to not bang the pots together as he slid them to see farther into the cabinet.

May smirked as she took a quick glance at Phil’s rear, turnabout was fair play, right?

She set the now open bag on the counter to cool a bit then went to the fridge to get drinks.

“Um, this one?” Phil held up a purple bowl with Easter Eggs on the edges.

“Sure,” May shrugged as she set the cans of iced tea on the counter and helped Phil get the popcorn in the bowl, “movie time!”

The pair carried things to the living room, May dropping the DVD in the player once everything was on the coffee table.

“When does trick or treating start?” Phil asked before grabbing popcorn then his bag to pull out his tablet.

“Half an hour,” May dropped next to Phil and curled her legs underneath her, “hope it doesn’t start raining right away.”

“The weather is always crappy when it’s time to trick or treat,” Phil made a face, “remember the last year we went?”

“Oh yeah, my make up ran all the way down my shirt,” May shook her head, “I was the saddest looking Jill Valentine ever.  All my 'injuries’ made me look like a glass of preserves exploded on me.”

“Was glad you didn’t let me be Cap that year,” Phil munched more popcorn with his left hand as he doodled on his tablet with his right, “would have ruined the shield.”

“Thanks for being my soaked Chris Redfield,” May laughed as she opened an iced tea.

“Anytime,” Phil smiled warmly at her, “hey you went as Peggy for me enough years.”

May shrugged, “Didn’t mind so much, Peggy Carter is a bad-ass.”

“That she is,” Phil looked back at his drawings.

The pair ate popcorn and watched the movie without talking for the next half hour.

Right as the hour turned there was a ring of the doorbell.

May was up quickly, grabbing the bowl as she opened the door for the pair of trick or treaters.

She dropped a piece of candy into each of their buckets then set the bowl back, leaving just the screen door closed for now, the big door open.

“Who was it?” Phil asked, they hadn’t paused the movie since they’d seen it so many times already.

“Was that girl from Frozen and a Lady Bug,” May sat back down.

When the doorbell rang again it was Phil’s turn.

“The Hulk,” Phil informed her when he returned.

The rest of the movie and into another one was spent like that.  One would get the door then tell what costumes they saw then the other.

Towards the end of the second movie, most of the candy was gone and the doorbell wasn’t ringing anymore.

Phil was frowning as he drew.

“Hey,” May gave his arm a poke, silently asking what was up.

Phil didn’t answer right away, just drew a bit more.

May let him be for now.

After a bit, Phil spoke, “this is our last Halloween together.”

May blinked and looked to him again, “What are you talking about?”

“Well, next year we’ll be in different places,” Phil slid his pen into it’s spot on his tablet, “you’ll be at an actor college and I’ll be at an art college.”

“What makes you think we’ll never have another Halloween?” May’s voice was quiet, having not fully been thinking about that until he brought it up.

“Not like this,” Phil turned to face Melinda better, “just sitting waiting for trick or treaters, watching movies and eating popcorn. We’ll both be apart.”

“Well,” Melinda scooted closer, “maybe we can get together where one of us lives.  Hell, I’m not gonna get to be a famous actress over night and if you get the job you want, I’ll always know where to find you.  I’m pretty sure the Marvel offices give tours.”

“They do,” Phil answered then chuckled, “still, I’ll miss this.”

“Hey,” Melinda set her hand on Phil’s arm, making him look her in the eyes, “we felt like that when we got too old to trick or treat, and we feel like that now, but that doesn’t mean we’ll not get to celebrate together ever again.”

She leaned over and kissed Phil’s cheek, bringing up a fresh blush to it, “maybe we’ll get to do bigger and better things next year, who knows.”

“Yeah,” Phil smiled easier and clumsily returned the kiss to Melinda’s cheek, almost leaning too far, “You’re right.”

The two hugged tight then finished up their movie.  By time it was done, Phil had completed his drawing.  It was of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield with their arms linked together as they fought zombies in matching coats and the tiniest hint of an engagement ring peeking out from Jill’s finger-less gloves.

Bigger and better indeed.

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