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NoobMe Vs NowMe

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Original Fiction, Romance

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For #NoobMeVsNowMe challenge that is going on right now for Paper Demon. I've decided to blow some dust off of a old drafted plot that I did and used later on for the fourth chapter of my 2013 series "Izumi's Great Adventure"

Chapter 1, Chapter 1: 2013

Little By Little, My Heart Is Charmed!

It was quite the pleasant afternoon at the gift shop in the city of Edo.

A young lady around her 20s was inside of there just looking at the stuff as that’s what she wanted to do to get her mind off of things.

Focusing on that and then hearing one of the people at the shop asking her if she was alright.

She replied with a yes and left the shop soon after as she didn’t want to hear any more voices.

As she was standing outside taking in the breeze that was hitting her shoulders since she was wearing a sleeveless white shirt.

She started to think about the moment when she ran away from the hospital as her first boyfriend was there thanks to her.

And then mumbled to herself…

Why did she leave him and didn’t even say a goodbye.

Why she had asked herself about two times with tears streaming down her face.




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