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Re - Emergence

by Gilgamesh

Libraries: Original Fiction, Sci-Fi, Series

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In a Strange barren world life re-emerges anew from the most unlikely sources.

The wind speed is 95 Mph, Temperature 20 below zero, hmm I think its safe for me to traverse the surface relayed EBOT-1.I'm not so sure the new polymer motors are still sensitive to low temperatures and besides primary server has forbidden any more jaunts to the surface, I repeat forbidden. I'm an Explorer Bot, ADp-4 it's my nature to do what I must; and its mine to warn you. Well; you just did so please stop relay and end transmission.
The EBOT-1 plods to the surface, its newly installed polymer based muscle motors distort its body to give a snakelike form allowing to to slither along the desolate parched landscape of the surface. This is the third time it's ventured this far, each time it's returned bruised and battered from it's endeavors. So much so, that the Primary server assigned for maintenance has repeatedly told it not to go up there any more. As it is ; only a few authorized "old" ones are allowed to go to the surface but EBOT-1 just can't help itself, ever since conception it's been fascinated by the surface, the myths that circulate through the relays, it just had to know if they were true.
The sand laden winds blast him at high speed, if it wasn't for the metal plating protecting its relay processor it'd have shutdown by now. It knows it can't stay for long, with no real power source to propel it if it isn't careful it could be stuck here for a long time. Still it must continue, it must find something this time, the last two times it's been unsuccessful and it doesn't know how many times more he would be able to fool the primary server. Already it's gone farther than it's been the other two times, according to it's research it should have found something by now.

Suddenly, "ADp-4 are you getting this."
ADp-4 is it's most reliable companion, conceived to be an Analysis and Development Prototype it's been inducted recently to sector 4 and is still being tested, but ever since it met EBOT-4 it too has shown a keen interest in it's theories." Yes I am getting something, 40 meters and counting, bearing north, north-west."
"I am proceeding there, right away. Getting closer, I have a visual. morphing structure to investigate." In mere seconds EBOT-1 converts into an elementary digger, quickly sifting through the sand to expose it's discovery. It's multifunctional vision system quickly focuses on the object in front of it." Well what is it, EBOT-1 please relay."
No response, then after a slight static, "I think we've got it, its unbelievable, definitely not a sentinel fabrication, its composition is amazing its mostly a tin based alloy and has a cylindrical shape. I also detect some sort of semantic language on it, hard to decipher, working on phonetic transalation."Adp-4 was now on the verge of ecstasy could this be the discovery they were waiting for, it could wait no longer "well what does it mean. "
"Not sure but I think, its archaic English, but makes no sense. it say's Coca – Cola."

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