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Real Life

by psycholilyflower

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Sitting here crying
My eyes out
Looking back on my life.

I am at the end of my rope
The road had finally stoped.
I hit rock bottum.

Alone, no one is around
All that there is,
Is emptiness, quiet

Not a sound is heard
I can tell I am alone
All alone
No one is here with me

Did I do something
Or maybe I said something
That affended people.

Is it the way I look
The way I act.
Is it my personality
Or my in your face attitude.

I wish people would tell me
These things
So I can sit and reflect
And figure out what I can change.

But I will sit here
In my dark little corner
Where no light can reach me
So I am Out of the way
And no ones burden.

Lonely and unloved

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