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At the end of my life

by psycholilyflower

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At the end of my life
Will I have accomplished everything that I wanted
When I am older, will I have children that I am proud of
Will I watch my children grow up
Will I be there to help them with their problems
When a boyfriend or girlfriends dumps them
Like yesterdays news
When they get in car accidents
Will I ne there to watch my grandchildren be born
And when they have baby questions
Will I be there to answer their questions
On nights that they want to go out and get away for a bit
To baby-sit and spoil the grandchildren
With toys, candy, clothing, taking them to movies
Then send them home for their parents to deal with.
the next day hear about how rambunctious they were
I would sit and laugh
As I grow older and my time starts to run out
Will I be able to die when it's my time
Knowing that I did accomplish something important during my life
That my life was not wasted

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