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Burden of the World

by Brethesen

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My first Legend of Zelda poem... So watcha think?

Left alone with haunted memories,
I stand on the mountain top,
looking down to the world below,
a village of peace and merryment,
totally blind to the horrors outside,
my shield is heavy,
and my sword is hanging loose in my left hand grip,
the burden of the world on my shoulders,
the destiny of the one chosen to this.

I start my treck down,
heavy leather boots making two groove to the rocky ground,
the burden is heavy,
and my shoulders are numb from all this fighting,
my tunic is tattered,
and torn,
my flesh beaten,
and bruised.

I sit down to the stairs,
tears suprassing my emotional blockade,
I bury my head into my hands,
the pressure releasing from my mind,
effects of stress slowly releasing it's grip,
with every falling tear.

The morning mist,
awakens me from a nightmare,
I raise up,
another day of pain,
and sorrow,
I look up to the raising sun,
but I don't feel anything good,
before the village awakens,
I will be gone,
moving towards my torment,
and final demise.

I walk on this open field,
yellow sun trying to beat me down with it's hot rays,
I fall to all my fours,
my mouth is dry,
my body is sweating,
and i'm starting to fade...

...I can see nothing but white,
white all around me,
but suddenly a figure appears,
two figures appear,
another with long and blonde hair,
and with pink skirt,
another with long brown hair,
and with brown working skirt,
they look at me with sorrow in their eyes,
before they turn away,
tears falling down their cheeks,

I open my eyes,
and grass almost as far as eye can see,
my teeth clench against each other,
as my left hand strikes the ground,
then my right hand,
before I lift myself to all my fours,
and raise to my knees,
I look down,
the Sacred Triforce in my right hand gauntlet shining,
giving strenght to me,
to meet my destiny,
as Hero of Time.

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