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Burden of the World, pt 2

by Brethesen

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My continuation to Burden of the World... Hopefully you like this as much as the last one.

I can feel my flesh burning,
as my tunic withers to dust,
I'm slammed against the castle walls,
from the black magics power,
I yell from pain,
and fall to the floor.

I raise my torso up with my hands,
my sword laying in front of me,
with painful emotions,
I grab the Master Sword into my hand,
my knuckles turn white,
as I clench my fingers around the handle,
with hate in my eyes,
I raise up,
the skin on my chest is black,
and fragile,
but I don't care,
for I will not fail,
I will not fail.

I bring the shield infront of me,
and ready myself to strike true with my sword,
rage in my face,
black-armored vessel of destruction smiles,
his green face full of joy,
as she looks with horror the battle,
caged into purple crystal,
wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom.

I stand infront of him,
creature betrayed by the force of the Triforce,
with hate in my eyes I strike,
before letting loose a wild roar,
and the final strike,
seven years,
seven years of torment and pain for Malon,
seven years of escaping and fear for Zelda,
and seven years...
When I didn't do nothing,
now it all pays back,
as the vessel is holding his throat,
I do not relent,
as he falls to his knees,
seven years of torment,
no more.

He looks up to me,
and says something,
but I can't hear,
for the rage still dwells inside,
and he dies,
vessel of destruction,
no more.

I can feel a touch on my hand,
I turn around,
ready to smite down the foe,
but it's no foe,
it's Zelda.

We turn to watch the crumbling castle,
a domain of evil falling apart,
bringing great dust cloud all over us.

When the dust settles,
I breathe freely for the first time,
in a long time,
I look at Zelda,
and she smiles,
a loud sound alerts me,
as I turn around,
and unsheath my sword,
loud banging noice,
emitting from the ground.

I look at her,
before I walk closer,
almost in middle of the wrecked castle,
when he smashes the ground,
and starts to hover above us,
with hate in his eyes,
he turns to the power of the Triforce,
and turns himself into something foul,
a great beast from the beginning of the time,
sealed away by the three goddness,
now standing infront of me,
with two swords,
that swings aimlessly around,
before he takes control of his new form.

I look at this monster in front of me,
Ganondorf no more,
a beast of horror,
I will defeat this creature,
for I will not fail,
I can't,
for Malon's sake.

The beast laying in front of me,
shocked and stunned from the magic of the light,
I prepare my sword,
and I strike true,
wounding him once,
"For Malon!",
and third time.

Now Ganon is sent,
to realm,
from he won't escape,
by the sages of this world,
and Nabooru,
I feel joy,
for Malon will now feel never pain again,
after seven years of torment,
she may breathe free,
I cry,
cry from happiness,
for the burden of the world is in my shoulders,
no more.

I stand infront of the Temple of Time,
sacred temple build on top of the place,
where goddnesses left the world,
and left the Triforce to the newborn land,
I enter,
for I need to get back those seven long years,
and I will be the only one to remember,
the vessel of destruction,
the soothing music greets me,
as I enter.

Before the pedestal I stand,
the resting place of the Master Sword,
with tears in my eyes I lift it above the pedestal,
before I thrust it down,
for the next Hero of Time to retrieve it...

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