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by bloodysmurf

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Just a poem I wrote. Kinda some of my feelings I have that are bottled up put on paper. Enjoy ^.^

Im standing in the crowd
I shout out at the top of my lungs
But no one cares
No ones even listening
Im talking to the walls
My words bounce back and disappear
Its like talking to an animal
They listen but dont understand my fear
And if the adults dont listen
And my friends dont care
Its like Im suffocating
In a room full of air
Like my lungs are burning with whiskey
And like acid flows through my veins
And when I call out to you
You turn the other way
And when I scream for you
You plug your ears
What will it take to get your attention?
Do I have to slit my wrists,
and dunk a white flag in the blood,
and wave it high?
Do I have to put a gun to my head,
and scream for mercy before I pull that trigger?
Do I have to throw my life away,
Just to draw your eye?

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