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by bloodysmurf

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Feeling a little left out.

You tell me of your talks together
You tell me of the way you act towards eachother
You tell me the love you share
You tell me of the things you say to the other

You tell me of the times you have
You tell me of days gone past
You tell me of the secrets you spill
And you tell me that its a love that will last

And I am happy for you
As I should be
I love you with all my heart
You are my best friend, as is he

But, when I hear of the way things are going
And of the fun you have together,
When Im not there
It kinda gives me a scare

I cant help but feel left out
And it scares me to the point
That I feel, just to be heard,
I need to shout

I feel like Ive been pushed back into a corner
Where Im forced to listen to the love growing between both of you
Its the worst possible pain
But what hurts most
Is that you dont even have a clue

So I sit and listen in silence
Nodding and smiling,
And throwing the occasional thought
My façade keeps on growing
And realize, you do not

But with happiness comes pain
And know this, believe me, I do
Cause your happiness is all that matters
Even when its me who has to endure this
You mean the world to me
And your happiness is my bliss

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