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To Know is to Love

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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This is something I wrote because I had a friend of mine in mind. I guess I really was grateful to that friend or something. Not sure my emotions are a bit jumbled. Well, the last verse doesn't ryhme because when I had it ryhming it just didn't sound right. So I changed it and now it flows a bit mroe steadily. In my eyes anyway. Hope you enjoy it.

To write a sonnet you must learn
What it means to cry and feel the burn
Of a distant heart who yearns out
But is not seen, and has no mouth
To offer you words of comfort and laughter
Telling of supposed happily ever afters

To write a poem you must understand
That not all is clear and will fall into hand
Because I know that they eagerly wait and stay open
To feel the softness of knowledge to just pop on it and help with coping
But when you feel the tale of a long love past
You can proudly say that you have learned from my mass

To listen to your heart you can't let it blind
Because the world is full of tricks, and life is its partner in crime
They give you joy then stab you ten times over
Only to bring you back and let you try to open
Love is beautiful and full of happy thoughts
But it can hurt just as bad when you are lost

To pay heed to my words you can't just pretend
That you understand what I say and put bad habits to end
Because my heart cries out for you to see
That I will be eternal, be there when you weep
Not every soul can cope with a hurt
So I remain strong to help them let emotions burst

To learn is to understand, and I want you to learn
That even I know pain, even I hurt
I am not perfect and I too will cry
When I see everyone else let their soul slowly die
And my pain shines through as I stare into you
I unlock your soul and leave my message of love always true

To know is to love and I know the truth
Of tears secretly shed by our spirits as they watch
Our growing madness takes control and roams
As my message slowly dwindles to the back of your head
I cry and you grow distant, but with every hurt
I stand tall and look to you and past
Where my eyes will land, I do not know
But no matter where, my message in code
Will stay in its spot with you
That I still love you true.
And I thank you for understanding that they hurt too

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