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I want to be yours

by mrstaylor118

Libraries: Angst, Original Fiction

Published on / 1 Chapter(s) / 3 Review(s)

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poem about missed love

I dont know what it is but when I see you,
I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach;
this feeling in my heart.
You make my heart flutter and my brain freeze
I have never felt this way before,
but then a dark and terrifying realization
that you dont see me.
I have seen you with her and this makes me cry.
I cry thinking maybe I can never have that with you.
I just wish I could tell you,
but the fear of rejection is too great.
A storm rages between my heart and my fear.
Either I can tell you or I live with it.
Live with the thought of what it would've been like.
If I dont tell you, I will always think;
Would we have been together?
I want to be the object of your passion but
it's hopeless and you leave me feeling frozen

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