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A Wish Come True

by NegativeZero

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Even if the world came to an end, / You will alwaise be mai friend,...

Even if the world came to an end,
You will alwaise be mai friend,
For you I'd sail the seven seas,
If it meant another day spent with me,
Or when the storm gives you fear,
Ill be close to hold you near,
If the shadows darken your way,
Ill bring you light just like the day,
If you doubt when you're afraid,
Ill give you hope to chase your fears away,
Or when the sadness is too much to bear,
Ill be there to show I care,
For you girl I'd give you love,
If it meant you'd be mai one,
For a person who I would do anything for,
Ill do that and so much more,
Cuz anyone as precious as you,
Should alwaise be cherished and never feel blue,
I promise from this day on,
I will alwaise be your one,
To love someone as wonderful as you,
Is a wish that I've wished for and now its come true.

© 2003 TimZ

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