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Our Dreams

by FuzzyPanda

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Ehh..another poem! I hope you like it!

Its one am
And I can’t sleep
Sitting in this quite chair
As I watch you sleep
All the problems of you’re life
Seem to wash away
As you’re eyes search threw the dreams you create
As you slumber threw the night


Most of us are stuck in this crazy culture called life
Only to make so much out of our selves
Time can only go so fast
As we all walk on buy
We sit and wonder where it all went
Why can’t everything just be simple


As we sleep everything is created buy us
Carving what we think we need
As life is rewound in our brain
In our dreams we are all indescribable
As the sleeping world grows old with us


As the sun rejuvenates our world around us
We awake with the thought of something new
The time we used sleeping is time we were free
Time starts its fast pace
While our world slows its walk
As we tug at its sleeve to keep up


You always showed me what its like
To be someone so old
In such a young world
You are so wise when you are wake
When I so young need my hand held while I slumber
You always walk me threw time
Even though it goes buy to fast


You slow the pace
As I carve our world
Into things that we hold so dear in our hearts
We walk into our own place with the world tugging out our shoes
Smiling as you stop time
I hold that image of you in my mind
While I sleep
I dream of you
While we are free for the time being

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