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Old Footsteps

by FuzzyPanda

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Going from old love to new love

I studied each step you made

Tumbling, falling, crawling faster

To you it was better I follow

With every move you made

I copped you like a sillowet

The nighttime still makes me glow so bright

How dark I can make the moon dim

Like broken hearts stuck in their little boxes

I stepped past your foot prints

I walk my own map every now and then

Straining away from the ladder’s that we clime every day

And you wonder why I am so wild

I make my world so round

While your land is as plain as day

Like the love you showed me from time to time

The welcome you gave me lasted only so long

My home was lifted from my feet years ago

While your hope has been gone for so long

I keep this little place strong

Even though you said i wasted the days we had

I grew up while you stayed in your simple childhood dreams

I take my stand and i will never leave

I walk my land in high regards

To a new day

With the higher gates

I held my pride in my back pocket

I never knew time could rearrange the paths we followed

These steps gave me something strong

While I walk past your stones

I see everything so brighter

A love I never knew

He opened the doors to his own world

Like I dreamed, a land I can roam

Wild and free as I can be

Like me, he grows with time

With sturdy soles, we rebuild from the rubble

Crushing the past that held us back

With our nearly broken hearts

The stitches held us together

With hands held tight

We look to a map unwritten


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