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by Ren X Horokeu

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Wt i did was rong am sorry

Im so sorry 4 wt i did n i wont do it agen i promise i will neva do it agen n i kno wt i did waz totally rong n i swear my pics now r 100% mine n i wish i neva did wt i did. plzzz cud u find it in ur hearts 2 giv me 1 more chance im sooo sorry i shudda neva dun it n i wish i didnt so plzzz i only want ppl 2 c wt am capable ov n i waz jus jelous i guess they were betta n am sooooooo sorry i only wanna stay pllzzzz i will neva do it agen am sorry n thts all i wanna se if u dunt except this apology i dunt blame u bt i ope u can. if i do it agen u can ban me 4 eva n al neva come bk i jus want a second chance so plzzzzzzz find it in urself 2 forgive me. AM SO SORRY :'(.

This apology letter was posted by Emma Grayson. Emma was first a member under the account Len Tao X Horohoro and was banned for plagiarizing artwork. Instead of leaving this site behind her, she decided to create another account and post her art anyway. She also posted this apology. This account has since been banned as well and I have made it clear to her that she is not welcome here.

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