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The Insanity

by NegativeZero

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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The insanity of feeling something, / That cant be touched,...

The insanity of feeling something,
That cant be touched,
To be there locked in your arms,
To be held within your care,
To understand that loving you is all I knoe,
Is this for real?
Am I reallie here with you?
Is that your eyes looking deeply into mines?
Are you falling like I have fallen?
Why do mai dreams make me think of you?
The insanity of not being able to hold you.
I knoe when I awaken you will be gone,
Gone like every other passing dream,
The insanity of not being able to knoe,
Whats within your heart,
I tried to find your love
I tried again and again,
To find the lost you.
But through mai search,
I never realized that I was only looking in emptiness,
That you had alreadie gone,
Long before mai search,
A frozen tear,
A cold feeling,
An unbeating heart,
The insanity to knoe,
That I was never to be the one...

© 2003 TimZ

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